Popular Penang Kopitiam Is Being Criticised For Selling Drinks In 'Hipster' Milk Tin Cans

The Ministry of Health has since responded in a Facebook post yesterday, 2 December.

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Photos of drinks being sold in used condensed milk cans by a hawker in Penang has gone viral – gaining many mixed reactions from the public

Over the past few years, Kedai Kopi Bobo has been known to serve teh ais and kopi peng in tin cans at a row of shop houses on Taman Lip Sin, Penang.

Pictures of the drinks have been shared thousands of times on Facebook.

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This is how the drinks are sold:

Despite its popularity among locals, the novelty drinks have been getting slammed by netizens for being unhygienic and a health hazard for customers

Netizens questioned the hygiene of the cans saying that rat pee residue may be on the tin cans.

"Don't forget that time at a supermarket where a rat was running and urinating on top of those milk tins."

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While others claimed that the cans may be rusty or its sharp edges may cut customers.

"Dangerous. Sharp, and if there is rust then it's worse," wrote one person.

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Another netizen wrote that it was 'dangerous', 'dirty', and raised questions about the ingredients of the tins."

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The Ministry of Health has since been urged by the public to give its views

On its Facebook page yesterday, 2 December, the Health Ministry wrote unofficial comments from medical officers regarding the drinks.

The post read that the drinks have:
1. The risk of diabetes,
2. The risk of injury or trauma to the face, or
3. The risk of food poisoning if the tin cans are dirty or rusty.

Medical personnel strongly discouraged the hawker from serving drinks in tin cans.

"It is important to prioritise the safety and health of the public and not just create something 'hipster' to attract people's attention."

The Ministry also explained that consumers could be infected with diseases such as Leptospirosis (rat urine), Diabetes Mellitus, Tetanus infection, and wounds due to sharp iron, among other things.

The Ministry ended the post saying, "Be an ethical capitalist. :D "

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