Woman Alleges Postman Opened Her CNY Package And Ate The Goodies Sent By Her Mum

The package was bubble wrapped by the sender from Kuching.

Cover image via Jessica (Facebook)

Editor's note: The story has been updated.

A Facebook post alleges that a Pos Malaysia worker violated her Chinese New Year (CNY) care package and ate the goodies inside

In her Facebook post on 5 February, Jessica, who is from Kuching and works in Kuala Lumpur, alleged that when she received the CNY package, that was packed by her mother, "one of my goodies was half-eaten".

"Cellophane tape taken out and it was literally half gone. How can this happen? Does this mean all our packages are unsafe in your care?" she questioned Pos Malaysia in her post that has since gone viral.

According to Jessica, the package was bubble wrapped by her mother.

In the photos shared by Jessica in her post, one of the containers is seen without the tape around its lid with the container half empty

She has since filed an official complaint with Pos Malaysia

While speaking to this SAYS writer, Jessica said that when she filed a complaint with Pos Malaysia via their website, she was told to visit a Pos Malaysia office in person in order to fill a form.

"So I did that [on Saturday] and now I'm awaiting their HQ to reply to me," she told SAYS.

Meanwhile, her family in Kuching had also filed a complaint from their side, following which the Kuching Pos Laju department has gotten in touch with Jessica's sister.

Jessica said that the Pos Laju boss is expected to meet her sister at 2pm today, 7 February.

In an update on 9 February, the woman shared that Pos Laju is still investigating the handling of her CNY package and will get to the bottom of it.

"They also promised to take steps to ensure this doesn't happen again to any of their customers in the future," Jessica wrote in her updated Facebook post.

According to her, the state general manager of Pos Laju in Kuching also arranged to personally deliver another batch of her mother's home-baked cookies to her doorstep.

Meanwhile, Jessica's Facebook post has received over a thousand comments from netizens, some of whom alleged that their Pos Laju parcels were also either opened or came with missing items

"Same here too," said one of the commentator while sharing a picture of their parcel.

Image via Facebook

Another commentator wrote that one of their friends received their "parcel from Pos Laju last week within Klang Valley without products! Only documents she received. The envelope was torn and resealed".

Speaking of CNY, the National Security Council has issued SOPs that prohibit people from visiting homes of friends and family nearby: