Pos Malaysia Promises Better Rewards For Employees When COVID-19 Situation Improves

The company ensured that its employees' needs are prioritised despite the pandemic having affected its business.

Cover image via Masakan Utara Barat/Facebook & Twitter @anthraxxxx

Pos Malaysia has responded to online criticism after pictures of an overworked postman crying went viral because he would not be receiving a bonus this year

In a statement posted on Facebook yesterday, 19 May, the national postal service provider said it would like to address the "commentaries that have surfaced on social media and the news recently".

Pos Malaysia said that it would like to clarify that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on businesses worldwide and that it was no exclusion.

It ensured that their employees' needs are prioritised, despite its businesses, including mail, international parcels, Pos Aviation, and Pos Logistics, being affected by the pandemic.

"Despite public impression that the surge of parcel volume during the Movement Control Order (MCO) is showing that business is good for Pos Malaysia, the truth is, we are far from it," it said.

Image via Bernama

The courier company said that it would not resort to salary reductions, job cuts, and other drastic measures as other severely-affected sectors have done

"Although Pos Malaysia is facing a difficult time, we continue to protect the livelihood of over 15,000 frontliners and operational support employees," it assured.

According to Bernama, Pos Malaysia added that it is currently undergoing a transformation process to turn the business around and it will ensure better rewards for the people when the situation improves.

"At the same time, while the business is adjusting to the new normal, we will continue to carry out our responsibilities and serve the country as an essential service provider during these challenging times," it said.

"We hope to get continuous support from the public and we also hope that they understand the difficult challenges that we must endure during these difficult times."

Pos Malaysia's response came days after a postman allegedly broke down in tears after learning that he would not be receiving any bonus despite handling more deliveries for the company

The viral Facebook post received over 68,000 reactions, 29,000 shares, and 20,000 comments with many asking Pos Malaysia to take better care of their employees' welfare.

An online petition was also started on calling the company to hand out bonuses or duit raya to their mailmen.

The petition has accumulated more than 40,000 signatures, way past its 10,000 target, since it was initiated on Sunday, 17 May.

Many netizens have also called for the company's top management to take a pay cut to provide the bonuses to their employees in these difficult times

A check by SAYS of Pos Malaysia's Board of Directors salaries disclosed by Bursa Malaysia revealed that the Board's chairman earns a basic salary of RM120,000 a year, whereas a committee member earns RM80,000 a year, as of September 2019.

Meanwhile, the postman said he earns just over RM1,000 a month and had only received a RM1,000 bonus last year.

Image via Bursa Malaysia

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