"We Don't Support Nor Recognise Her Practice" - PPIM Denies Raising Funds For Fake Dentist

A bogus dentist in Melaka was released from prison after her court fine was paid for by NGOs and members of the public.

Cover image via Muhammad Hatim Ab Manan/NST/Free Malaysia Today

The Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) has denied claims that it helped to raised funds to settle a court fine for a bogus dentist

This comes after it was reported that the NGO helped to organise a public campaign to raise RM70,000 and pay the court fine for Nur Farahanis Ezatty Adli.

Nur Farahanis, also known as Nara, was slapped with the fine on 29 September after the court found her guilty of running an unregistered private dental clinic. She was sent to jail after she failed to pay the fine. However, she walked free after spending six days in prison as her fine was paid for, allegedly by those who raised the funds for her.

In a statement yesterday, 9 October, PPIM stressed that it did not contribute nor impose any charges on any party to help free the bogus dentist involved.

The NGO also said that it did not collect any funds nor promote any fundraising campaign until it collected RM70,000 as alleged, to get the said individual out of prison. The group added that it was Malaysia Islamic Economic Activist Organisation (PPEIM) that was directly involved in promoting and collecting the funds for Nur Farahanis, while a few other NGOs also assisted in the campaign.

The group has also clarified that it only acted as an adviser to Nur Farahanis' family and lawyer, who came to meet PPIM after she was convicted by the court

Nur Farahanis Ezatty Adli was slapped with a RM70,000 fine on 29 September.

Image via Muhammad Hatim Ab Manan/NST

"Our stand is firm. We do not support nor recognise her practice as it is wrong and risky," PPIM said in the statement.

PPIM was responding to criticisms by the public and health professionals who slammed the group for allegedly supporting a bogus dentist and her unregistered practice.

Nevertheless, the NGO told reporters in a press conference yesterday that they are committed to helping anyone who seek help from them.

"PPIM is known for helping people. That is our job, we will help people, even if it relates to cases involving Ah Long (loan sharks)," PPIM lead activist Datuk Nadzim Johan was quoted as saying by Free Malaysia Today (FMT).

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that a bikers' club known as 'Dragon76', is the one that allegedly contributed the most amount of money to the funds that were collected

PPEIM chairman Zamri Zainon reportedly said that the NGO agreed to help with the fundraising on request by the lawyer.

"The RM70,000 was raised in less than 24 hours due to a huge donation from a motorcycle club," he was quoted as saying by The Star Online.

According to a representative from Dragon76, Amir Hamzah Abdul Hamid, the bikers' group did not deny that Nur Farahanis' unregistered practice is an offence that could impact the public negatively, but they do believe that she should be given a second chance.

It was learned that Amir Hamzah and his group were compelled to help Nur Farahanis because they knew her father and he said that they were from a good family.

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