Prebet Adam's Sister Says Late Sultan Iskandar Didn't Kill Her Brother As He Never Existed

The family is now apologising to the Johor Royal Family for what happened in 1987.

Cover image via Sayuti Zainudin/MMO & MH Online (Edited)

Earlier today, 12 April, the family of Private Adam Jaafar, the soldier who ran amok at the Chow Kit area in KL, armed with a stolen M16 assault rifle in 1987, came out to apologise to the Johor Royal Family

"I apologise to the Royal family of Tunku Mahkota Johor (TMJ), Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, for being a subject of slander involving my brother, Private Adam", Hawa Jaafar, the 52-year-old sister of Adam, said during a press conference on Friday.

Private Adam's actions on 17 October 1987 were said to be in retaliation of the alleged murder of his younger brother, a golf caddy, at the hands of the then Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Iskandar Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail of Johor.

It was reported that Adam's younger brother while caddying in Cameron Highlands had laughed when the Sultan Iskandar missed a hole. It angered the Sultan. Adam, who at the time was 23, was said to have witnessed the alleged assault of his younger brother.

Private Adam being escorted by Army after he had surrendered.

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30 years later, Adam's sister now says there is "no truth to such claims". According to her, there was no such younger brother who worked as a golf caddy, let alone who was killed by the late Sultan.

The supposed younger brother did not exist beyond rumours.

He never existed, Hawa said adding that her family had nothing to do with the Johor Royal family and that they had never met them or know them.

"I just want to say one thing and one thing only. My sibling was not murdered.

"When people say we have been paid to keep quiet, that we are not even defending a sibling who was murdered, we are really unhappy," Adam's sister said in a press conference at their family home in George Town today.

According to her, there were no deaths involving any of their siblings due to murder.

"All of us are still alive except for one who passed away in 1975 in a fire," she said, referring to their younger sister, Azimah.

"We have been trying to come forward, to tell the truth in the past 30 years but we just could not get the truth out. We have been living in misery for the past 30 years but today we want the world to know the truth," Adam's sister said while breaking down in tears

Hawa Jaafar, sister to Adam Jaafar, speaks to the media at her home.

Image via Sayuti Zainudin/The Malay Mail Online

Hawa now want the rumours to stop, saying it's not fair to them that they are constantly being accused of taking money from the Johor Royal family for not exposing their non-existent brother's murder

"We don't understand how Adam's case was linked to the Johor Sultan and we wish to apologise to them that they were also victimised by these false rumours.

"We have had enough of this. People should stop spreading lies," Adam's siblings said while adding that the reason Adam could not join them in refuting the rumours about the Johor royalty is that he is incarcerated in the Penang Prison for drug offence.

According to the facts of Adam's trial, the former Army Ranger Regiment sharpshooter suffered a nervous breakdown after he was mentally, physically, and sexually tortured at his army camp in Ipoh

During the emotionally charged press conference, his sister also said that the reason Adam ran amok in Chowk Kit 30 years ago is not that their brother was killed by the late Sultan, but due to problems, he faced at his camp.

Meanwhile, the rumours resurfaced last week when Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, the Crown Prince of Johor, took to Facebook to share his "honest opinion" on the country's political situation:

In other news, yesterday, the Crown Prince of Johor surprised hundreds of shoppers at Aeon Mall Tebrau City Supermarket by paying RM3,000 each for their groceries:

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