Prison Officer Slammed For Thinking It's 'Funny' To Post About Inmate Washing His Car

"If prisoners can wash your car, why do it yourself?" read the viral Facebook post.

Cover image via Utusan Malaysia & Facebook

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Netizens were angered after finding a Facebook post by a prison officer who allegedly made an inmate wash his car

According to Utusan Malaysia, the social media post gave the impression that the Malaysian Prisons Department officer ordered a prisoner around for personal benefit.

"If prisoners can wash your car, why do it yourself?" read the caption of the Facebook photo with a laughing emoji.

A screenshot of the prison officer's Facebook post.

Image via Utusan Malaysia

The Facebook post drew severe criticism, with many condemning the officer for allegedly abusing his authority and also for his condescending language

A viral repost of the photo on Twitter said, "Sometimes, I don't understand civil servants. Their language. Hmm. It's sad to see them wearing smart clothes, but brain not so [smart]."

Image via Utusan Malaysia

Meanwhile, on Facebook, a user commented, "If you are going to ask for an inmate's help, sure. But don't be stupid and upload it to social media with arrogant words."

"People nowadays can't keep their stupidity to themselves, they want to post everything online and invite criticism."

Image via The Rakyat Post

Although the Malaysian Prison Department has since clarified the issue, netizens were still unhappy that the government department failed to address the officer's behaviour

According to a Facebook statement published on Sunday, 12 December, the department said the inmate was photographed washing a car as he is part of a rehabilitation programme called 'Banduan Kerja Luar Penjara' (Inmates Working Out Of Prison).

"The programme involves inmates who have passed certain physical and mental tests before they are allowed to participate and are monitored by prison officers," read the statement.

"The inmates are paid for the work that they do."

However, Facebook users continued to criticise: "That is not the issue. The issue is [his language]."

"Re-examine the words used by the wardens on their social media accounts," a netizen suggested.

Image via Facebook

Another said, "The issue now is that officers should never be allowed to take photos of the prison residents and put them on social media as long as they are in prison clothes."

"Disciplinary action should be taken against officers like these. And also, the officer's caption should not have been written as such, as if only to insult."

Image via Facebook

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