Prisons Department Claims The Death Of 35-Year-Old Mugilarasu Was Caused By A Heart Attack

The family claims that the victim's body at the mortuary had bruises on the face and bloodstains in his mouth.

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35-year-old V. Mugilarasu, who died at the Sungai Buloh Prison on 2 July, suffered a heart attack, according to the Prisons Department

"The post-mortem results showed a heart attack," a Prisons Department spokesperson was quoted as saying in a Malaysiakini report by Faisal Asyraf published earlier Sunday, 5 July.

Mugilarasu is said to have collapsed in his prison cell after complaining of chest pains at around 6pm on Thursday, 2 July. We are not sure whether he died inside the prison or while being transported to the Sungai Buloh Hospital as reports from two different local media outlets offered conflicting details.

His family said that they were only notified at 11pm, some five hours later.

While the cops have been accused of hiding the death as they have not notified the Selangor state coroner by 8pm on 3 July — a gap of over 24 hours, Mugilarasu's family suspects foul play in his death as they claim to have had a phone conversation with the victim a few hours prior to he was said to have collapsed.

The victim, V. Mugilarasu.

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According to the victim's family, his body at the mortuary had bruises on the face, bloodstains in the mouth, and swellings on the arms

Meanwhile, Mugilarasu's brother Karunakaran, who claims to have had a phone conversation with him a few hours prior to he was said to have collapsed, said that during their call he did not mention being unwell.

Two lawyers A. Sheelan and John Das, who are representing the victim's family, said the family suspects foul play because of the injuries they allegedly found on Mugilarasu's body and the time discrepancy between his death and the time they were informed of it by the authorities.

"My client did not suffer from medical problems or chronic diseases," Sheelan said.

According to Sheelan, he met with the pathologist performing the post-mortem and pointed out the injuries on his client's body, to which the pathologist also concurred on the swellings on the body.

Mugilarasu was awaiting a court hearing in August.

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