PTPTN Launches BMS 2023 To Encourage Parents To Save For Their Children's Higher Education

The annual event will be taking place at selected locations across 14 states throughout the month of October.

Cover image via PTPTN (Provided to SAYS)

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In conjunction with World Savings Day on 31 October, the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) kickstarted Bulan Menabung Simpan SSPN (BMS) 2023 earlier this month

The launch took place at Sunway Pyramid on 1 October, and was officiated by PTPTN chairman Datuk Norliza Abdul Rahim. Also present at the event were Dato' Dr. Haji Megat Sany bin Megat Ahmad Supian, Deputy Secretary General (Policy) of the Ministry of Higher Education (KPT) and Ahmad Dasuki Abdul Majid, Chief Executive of PTPTN.

As it was an on-ground event, parents leveraged the opportunity to learn about the various benefits of saving for their children's education through Simpan SSPN.

BMS has been PTPTN's annual initiative since 2018 to encourage parents to start building their children's education fund as early as possible

Second from left: Datuk Norliza Abdul Rahim, PTPTN Chairman

Image via PTPTN (Provided to SAYS)

A signature programme by PTPTN, the month-long event also promotes Simpan SSPN as the preferred savings method for their children's education fund, with the aim of eliminating the need for parents to take a loan for their children to further their studies.

To further promote BMS 2023, PTPTN will be conducting a road tour for the first time ever in selected locations across 14 states throughout the month of October. Head over to this website to find out the event's locations and dates. 

This year's BMS is themed "Robotics: Towards the Transformation of the Digital World," with the tagline, "be your child's superhero"

Image via PTPTN

As the digital world becomes more progressive, PTPTN is embracing the concept of robot science and technology, understanding the need for students to be up to speed with the latest technological innovations.

This is also in line with PTPTN's digitisation agenda of encouraging borrowers and depositors to use the myPTPTN app for easier, faster, and safer transactions.

The tagline, on the other hand, encourages parents to be their children's superheroes by building an education fund for them. 

At Sunway Pyramid, PTPTN organised a variety of engaging activities for parents and their children to participate in, including a prize draw with cash prizes up to RM75,000

There was also a colouring competition, singing competition, e-sports challenge, talent competition, robotics session, and more.

Local music artiste Didi & Friends as well as guest celebrities also made special appearances to liven up the event.

And the highlight? The prize draw, which awarded a total of 66 winners with cash prizes.

In case you didn't know, on top of functioning as an education fund for your children, Simpan SSPN also offers numerous other benefits that make it a viable option for many Malaysians

The government-guaranteed savings scheme offers tax relief amounting to RM8,000 annually, takaful protection for depositors, competitive dividends, and grants for shariah-compliant families.

Besides that, Simpan SSPN users are also eligible to apply for an education loan.

Norliza shared that as of 31 August 2023, Simpan SSPN has received a total of RM15.81 billion worth of Simpan SSPN deposits

"Simpan SSPN's yearly deposit amount has been significantly increasing every year since its introduction 19 years ago. Until 31 August 2023, we've received as much as RM15.81 billion worth of savings deposits, with the number of accounts amounting to 6.04 million.

"This performance proves that Simpan SSPN is the best savings scheme chosen by parents in the country," she said.

She added that based on the past five years of PTPTN organising well-received BMS initiatives, she is optimistic that BMS 2023 will achieve the same feat. 

"This year, PTPTN is targeting RM220 million worth of Simpan SSPN deposits for BMS 2023. With promotional strategies as well as the support and cooperation of the community and organisations, I am confident that this target will be achieved. The success of the BMS initiative from 2018 to 2022 is the best benchmark for PTPTN to realise this goal," she said. 

Head over to BMS 2023's website to learn more about the events and programmes they have lined up for you

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