Rescue Team Helps 3 Abandoned Horses That Were Left To Starve In The Middle Of The Road

The owner showed up and wanted to bring them back, but the Royal Malaysia Police's (PDRM) cavalry unit denied him from doing so.

Cover image via Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia - Malaysia Animal Association (Facebook) & Nur DH (Facebook)

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Recently, three emaciated horses were spotted abandoned, in poor condition, and wandering around in Bukit Ampang, Selangor

The Malaysia Animal Association took to Facebook on Monday, 23 January, to share about the incident.

"All three of the horses are believed to be owned by someone but so far no parties have claimed ownership. One of them looked weak and was unable to get up," read the statement.

"Residents around this housing estate are asked to help the Veterinary Services Department's Animal Welfare Board and the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council to track down the owner for law enforcement purposes for leaving their pet horses neglected and without proper welfare."

After the post went viral, a man came forward to claim that he is their owner and wanted to bring the horses back

However, the Royal Malaysia Police's (PDRM) calvary unit commanding officer Nurhidayah Damanhoori denied the man from taking his horses back because the rescue team wanted to treat the foal, which had a large, deep wound.

"Alhamdulillah, the owner agreed to let us treat the horses, especially after already committing offences such as neglecting the welfare of his horses, as well as endangering the safety of road users," Nurhidayah said in her post.

She also revealed that the owner is not a horseman but only a horse enthusiast who hired temporary workers that did not know how to look after the horses.

The owner wanted to bring his horse's home after they were spotted in Bukit Ampang, Selangor.

Image via Nur DH (Facebook)

For the time being, the cavalry arm of the PDRM's Federal Reserve Unit is currently taking care of the horses

Nurhidayah has been updating about the horses' current condition on Facebook.

A video shows the horses peacefully at a farm while an officer explains that they will bathe them soon after.

She also expressed her gratitude to those who were willing to provide temporary shelter for the three horses and also to all parties involved in the effort to save the poor animals.

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