Residents At Seremban Old Folks Home Allegedly Abused, Starved, And Forced To Drink Urine

A viral video showed an elderly resident being harassed by a female caretaker.

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Authorities are investigating the staff of an old folks home in Seremban after a viral video showed an elderly resident being harassed by a staff member on 17 June

In the video, a woman - assumed to be a caretaker at the nursing home - can be seen taunting the elderly woman repeatedly, while an elderly man watched.

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The resident attempted to fight back several times.

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The netizen, who has since deleted his Facebook account, alleged that the nursing home caretakers have hit, starved, and forced the elderly residents to drink urine

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He also claimed that the residents were locked in their rooms for hours at times by a female supervisor, forced to eat chillies, and take excessive amounts of sleeping pills, The Star reported.

Since 2017, there have reportedly been 16 deaths at the nursing home, which houses up to 16 occupants at a time

The private home was opened in 2016.

Chairperson of the Women and Welfare Affairs Committee of Negeri Sembilan Nicole Tan Lee Koon confirmed that she has visited the premises and investigations are underway.

She also revealed that the owner of the old folks home has lodged a police report with one of the caretakers for further action to be taken, Utusan Online reported.

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