Do You Know This Carbonara Fan? This Restaurant Wants To Give Him Free Pasta For A Year

"Oh lord that was the best carbonara I ever had."

Cover image via SAYS

If you think you're the biggest spaghetti carbonara fan in the entire world, wait 'til you see this student's confession about their unconditional love for the Italian pasta dish

In a pretty TMI confession, the student credits Oregi - a restaurant in SS15, Subang Jaya - for igniting their love and exclusive obsession for the pasta dish

Find you a man/lady who loves you as much as this student loves spaghetti carbonara. Minus the puking and sh*tting.

Well, it looks like Oregi has caught wind of their spaghetti carbonara's biggest fan. Even better, the restaurant is planning to give them a year's supply of spaghetti carbonara... for free!

Drop a comment here if you're the fan they're looking for!

So, if you think your friend is the anonymous spaghetti carbonara fan, make sure to let Oregi know. ;)

In case you're wondering, this is what Oregi's spaghetti carbonara looks like:

Looks like brands are embracing down-to-earth ways when it comes to engaging with their followers in do. In fact, just over a week ago, GSC gave a follower a year's worth of movie tickets for getting 10k retweets on Twitter!

It all started when a teenager from Nevada asked Wendy's for a year's supply of chicken nuggets...

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