Video Shows Rioters Flipping Over Myvi After Accident Despite The Rider Running Red Light

Seven men were arrested and have pleaded guilty to committing mischief by damaging and overturning the Perodua Myvi.

Cover image via @twtcctv (Twitter)

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A video recently went viral on Twitter showing a blue Perodua Myvi being trashed and flipped over after the car collided with a foodpanda rider in Taman Kota Masai, Johor

In the one-minute video posted by @twtcctv, the driver can be seen driving at a normal speed through a green traffic light when the foodpanda rider suddenly appears from the left and collides into the vehicle.

The rider was said to have run a red light and broken his leg as a result of the crash.

Although it is speculated that the driver had no fault in the accident, bystanders and other motorcyclists immediately responded to the crash by allegedly dragging the Myvi driver out of their car and hitting it

The video showed a man dressed in black repeatedly hitting the car with his yellow helmet in an attempt to break the windows.

After he failed to break the windows, several bystanders pushed the blue Myvi and flipped it onto its side, while being cheered on by others watching the incident.

They then proceeded to demolish the vehicle by kicking the windshield until it shattered.

While the men hit and kicked the vehicle, another person can also be heard yelling, "One more time!"

The car was then flipped once more and ended up on its back.

Seven men, including four food delivery riders, have since been arrested in relation to the incident

All seven men pleaded guilty yesterday, 7 November, in front of the Johor Bahru Magistrate's Court to a charge of committing mischief for damaging and overturning the Perodua Myvi, reported Bernama.

After the charge was read before Magistrate Hidayatul Syuhada Shamsudin, Mohamad Hairul Hasraf Seeni Abdul Cader, 22; Morrison Malvin Mada, 19; Sheikh Al Amin Idrus, 21; Nur Khairul Amal Abdul Harsir, 19; Daniel Haziq Syikhanna, 21; Romie Rahimi, 41; and Muhammad Adam Abd Rahim, 18, confessed to their crimes.

Netizens were outraged by what happened in the video and expressed their displeasure in the tweet's comments

One user said that those "uncivilised citizens" who trashed the car should be detained.

Another said that the phrase "ride safe" is no longer relevant because the fault is always pinned on drivers anyway, regardless of who is at fault.

"I am terrified of a riot like this, which is why I always give in to riders, even if they are at fault," said another.

Watch the full video of the Perodua Myvi being trashed and flipped here:

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