Daredevil In China Falls 62 Storeys To His Death While Doing Pull-Ups On Skyscraper

He literally lived life on the edge.

Cover image via ABC / YouTube

Wu Yongning's gravity-defying stunts were not for the faint of heart

Image via ABC

The 26-year-old daredevil from Hunan had amassed a following online for his adventures in "rooftopping", or scaling tall buildings without any safety harnesses.

Image via ABC

He began posting his daredevil exploits on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter, in February. With more than a million followers, Wu was regularly featured in advertisements on social media and live-streaming platforms.

But concerns among his fans began to grow after he stopped posting updates last month

Image via ABC

His girlfriend, identified only as Jie Jie, broke the news on social media earlier this week to announce he died in a fall from the 62-storey Huayuan Hua Centre in Changsha in the centre of the country.

"Today is December 8th. It makes me think of November 8th, the day you left us and left this world," she was quoted as saying by The Telegraph. 

Footage then began to emerge on various Chinese video sites, reportedly showing Wu falling from a metal bar he had been hanging from

Image via SDPnoticias

The clip showed the man practising a pull-up stunt over the edge of a building. He does it once, but things go awry on his second try.

After a brief rest, Wu goes in for a second attempt. He is seen extending his arms fully to do a few pull-ups before he lost his grip and fell. 

South China Morning Post reported that the incident happened on 8 November at Huayuan Hua Centre, one of the tallest buildings in Changsha. 

It was reported that he took part in a challenge, in which an unnamed brand offered him 100,000 yuan (RM61,570) in prize money

Image via Newsweek

His step-uncle said that Wu was planning to use the money, not only to pay for the medical treatment of his sick mother, but also to give to his girlfriend’s family as a dowry so that the two could finally be married.

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