A S'pore Couple Had To Attend Their Own Wedding Via Livestream After Returning From China

The couple voluntarily imposed a 14-day quarantine on themselves for fear of infecting people with the novel coronavirus.

Cover image via Shin Min Daily News

A couple in Singapore showed the world that no virus can stop them from having a lovely wedding ceremony

After coming back from China to Singapore on 30 January, a 37-year-old groom and his bride voluntarily imposed a 14-day quarantine on themselves for fear of infecting people with the Wuhan coronavirus, officially named 2019-nCoV, reported China Press.

The couple was celebrating Chinese New Year in Hunan, one of the provinces in close proximity to Hubei, the epicentre of the novel virus.

Their quarantine posed an untimely obstacle to their wedding ceremony, which was scheduled for 2 February at M Hotel, Anson Road.

To safeguard their wedding guests from the novel virus, the couple decided to attend their banquet virtually via a livestream

According to AsiaOne, the couple forewent the typical wedding march and being physically present at the first table of the banquet.

Instead, they dialed in from a hotel room above the ballroom while dressed in their wedding gown and suit.

Only the groom's sister was in the banquet with the guests as the groom's parents were also on a self-imposed leave of absence (LOA) since they live in the same household as the couple.

Despite being an unprecedented wedding ceremony structure, the couple said the night was "perfectly imperfect"

"Thank you everyone for being at our wedding," the couple said in the livestream, reported Mothership.

"We are sorry that we cannot be physically present to celebrate this joyous occasion with everyone. But we are still very happy to be here, and thankful for everyone who is here."

The couple even made do with what they had by having champagne pouring and the yum seng (toasting) ceremony through the livestream.

Some guests had two servings of food during the banquet as many had failed to show up in fear of contracting the virus

Only 11 tables of guests were present, when the banquet was meant to accommodate 19 tables worth of guests.

The groom told Mothership that most people chose to avoid the ceremony because of the Wuhan virus, while some were down with common flu.

Most of the tables ended up with extra food, where some guests took the opportunity to pack them back to avoid wastage.

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