Sabah Student Camps Out On Tree & Braces Hornets To Get Internet Signal For Exams

The foundation student desperately needed to sit for her Chemistry and Pengajian Malaysia papers.

Cover image via Veveonah M./Facebook & Veveonah M./YouTube

A student from University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) recently stayed on top of a tree for 24 hours to get better Internet connection to sit for her online examinations

The 18-year-old foundation student documented her experience on top of the tree and uploaded the video to her YouTube channel on Saturday, 13 June.

According to Sinar Harian, Veveonah Mosibin, who hails from Kampung Sapatalang in Pitas, has been posting videos since a month ago during the Movement Control Order (MCO) to share about her life in rural Sabah.

In the 11-minute video, Veveonah said she did not intend to sit for her online examinations on top of a tree

She had already built a hut on top of a hill near her village for the best Internet connection in preparation for her online exams.

Unfortunately, she found that it had collapsed due to strong winds and heavy rain over the past few days.

"I can't believe it fell down. I already built it as sturdy as I could," she lamented.

With two hours left before her first exam started at 9am that morning, the determined student decided to scale a tree to get steady Internet connection to complete her papers.

Armed with two phones, a powerbank, rice and water, mosquito netting, stationery, and a scientific calculator, she managed to set up a camping area on top of a tree in time for her Chemistry exam.

The student's 24 hours on top of the tree was not without its challenges

While waiting to sit for her Pengajian Malaysia (Malaysian Studies) exam, Veveonah suddenly realised that a giant hornet had made its way into her treetop sanctuary.

"Hornets are very dangerous you know. If you get stung, it hurts real bad," she commented in the video while quickly climbing out of the mosquito netting.

Although she said she was freaked out, she calmly handled the situation and managed to get the hornet out without getting stung in the process.

At night, she also said she had to sleep really early as she had no other sources of light other than her handphone, of which she did not want to waste battery power.

"In our village, it gets dark really fast and we don't have electricity. So we usually sleep around 7pm to save on using candles," she shared.

She also did not sleep well due to the cold and the strange loud noises in the forest that night.

Despite it all, after 24 hours, her spirits were not dampened as she tidied up and returned home for breakfast

In her latest video, Veveonah shared that she was excited as it was her most viewed video to date with over 26,000 views.

The 18-year-old's channel is quickly gaining traction, with over 4,000 subscribers since she posted her first video in May.

She shares videos that highlight her village life, showing skills such as how she starts a fire using only firewood, open coconuts using her bare hands, and even how she made an underground well on her own.

Watch her full video here:

Last month, the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) announced that all university lectures must be conducted online until 31 December:

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