SEA Games Ended 2 Months Ago, But Some Performers Are Still Waiting For Their Payment

The 2017 SEA Games closing ceremony was held on 30 August 2017.

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MASOC hopes to settle all payments for artistes who performed during SEA Games in a month

Responding to the late payment issue for the performers and volunteers of the 2017 SEA Games, the Malaysian Organising Committee (MASOC) today, 31 October, asked the people affected by it to wait another month to receive their payment. 

"MASOC is working with the finance ministry to speed up the payment process. Our target is to solve all outstanding payments by the end of the month," explained Datuk Seri Zolkples Embong, as reported by Malay Mail Online. 

He said that the finances for the 16 subcommittees under MASOC that are responsible for settling the payments are about 70 to 90% done. 

"The subcommittees will be paid if they submitted a complete payment request according to the procedures set by the Kuala Lumpur Finance Committee 2017."

As for the volunteers facing the same payment issue, Zolkples informed that they will receive their money "within eight working days". 

"Some have not been paid for technical reasons such as bank account numbers and personal details errors," he added.

30 OCTOBER: It has been two months since the grand closing ceremony of SEA Games, but some of the singers who performed at the victorious event have yet to receive payment for their performance

Zainal Abidin Mohamad

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According to a report by Malaysiakini yesterday, 29 October, popular local singer Zainal Abidin, is one of the performers who has not been paid.

"It's not just ministers who want a life of luxury. We artistes also want a good life," Zainal told Malaysiakini, adding that their hard work should be compensated as per the terms of their agreement with the organisers of KL2017. 

The news portal first caught wind of the issue after prominent Malaysian singer and actress Adibah Noor posted a tweet about it. 

Speaking to Malaysiakini, Adibah said that it wasn't just the singers who are affected by the late payment issue, but also other performers including dancers and children who were involved in the ceremony

A few of the replies to Adibah's tweet claimed that some of the dancers who performed during the opening ceremony weren't given the full amount of the promised payment. 

The tweets also said that the younger, school-going performers had apparently practised till late night on weekdays but are yet to be paid for their services. 

Moving forward, Zainal has given the company in charge of the SEA Games 2017 closing ceremony a week to settle the payment for his performance

The Malaysian Insight spoke to Zainal's manager Angelina Asmawi, who said that the company had only paid 50% of his fees and promised to pay the remaining amount one week after the closing ceremony which was held on 30 August.

"They should take responsibility as it is the closing ceremony. All the artistes are proud to perform in it but this is their job and many artistes depend on this.

"I am giving one week before we gather the other artistes to complain about this issue. We have the right to speak up about the non-payment as they are already more than a month late," she stressed.

David Arumugam of the Alleycats is another person who performed during the closing ceremony and is facing the same problem. However, he is not too bothered about the late payment issue.

David Arumugam

Image via Kedah News

"I'm not worried because the company has worked with me many times. I trust them," he told Malaysiakini. 

Responding to the issue, the Malaysian SEA Games organising committee (MASOC) said that performers shouldn't be blaming the government as it is the appointed company that is in charge of the payment for the performers

Datuk Seri Najib Razak during the closing ceremony of the 29th SEA Games at the Bukit Jalil stadium on 30 August

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"So, whether an artiste has been paid or not, that is the company's business. The artistes involved should refer to them. 

"As of now, MASOC has paid out more than 50% of the contracts for the opening and closing ceremonies on behalf of the government," a MASOC media officer told Malaysiakini yesterday, 29 October. 

It was reported that the company in charge of payroll was hired through a tender by the Youth and Sports Ministry. 

Less than a day after the issue was brought to light, National Sports Council secretary-general Lokman Hakim Ali got in touch with Adibah and assured that the government is currently working on resolving the matter

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