Seeing Your Friends Share The Video Of That Insane Gyro Drop? Yeah, It's Fake!

It's a fine CGI, but that's about it.

Cover image via 롯데월드 (lotteworld)

Chances are you have either seen this video of the insane Gyro Drop free-fall amusement park ride or seen your friends share it

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(lotteworld) on Thursday, 13 June 2019

It looks intense and it would be normal for thrill seekers to plan a trip to the South Korean amusement park Lotte World after seeing the video trending on social media. The problem? It's totally fake!

The video is a fine piece of work, created using CGI.

While the ride, called the Gyro Drop, does exist in South Korea's Lotte World theme park, the video that's circulating on the Internet doesn't show the actual ride.

Unlike in the computer-generated version - in which the ride changes its size to double and swings riders around - in the real ride, it never changes in size and no one is swinging around the tower. It's much shorter and not as dangerous-looking.

Here's what it looks like:

There is no information on who created the CGI version, but the fact that one of the official Lotte World channels on Facebook shared the fake video has a lot of people falling for it

While "롯데월드 (lotteworld)" uploaded the video on its Facebook page on Thursday, 13 June, others on Twitter shared the video a few hours later.

One of the most viral tweets, by a handle called @itsnotdweena, that uploaded the video on 14 June has over 120k retweets and more than 382k likes.

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