Selangor To Cut Salaries Of MB, ADUNs, And Top Officers In State GLCs For COVID-19 Fund

Selangor Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari has contributed a month's salary to the fund.

Cover image via Sinar Harian

Selangor Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari announced that the state government has decided to reactivate its COVID-19 relief fund

The state government will start contributions to the fund by cutting monthly salaries of the politicians such as the state cabinet members, assemblypersons, and top officers in state GLCs, Amirudin added.

He said that he contributed a month of his salary to the fund to kick-start it.

"A salary deduction mechanism will be finalised and will be channelled to this fund," he said in a press conference announcing the special assistance of 'Pakej Kita Selangor' today, 20 January.

The fund already received a contribution of RM2.25 million today.

While not part of his official announcement, Amirudin, in a reply to a tweet, also stated that there might be cuts in fixed allowance too

Additionally, the state government has also rolled out an RM73.877 million economic stimulus package dubbed Pakej Kita Selangor

According to Amirudin, the state government is doing its best to mobilise whatever resources it has to go towards the welfare of the people in Selangor.

In order to help the people, the state government has approved a special allocation of RM100,000 each for all its assemblypersons so they can procure basic essentials to be distributed to their constituents.

"Parliamentarians will also receive RM50,000 each for the same purpose," said Amirudin.

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