Sepang Police Rushes To Help Factory Workers After Learning They Ran Out Of Food

When they got the call, they knew they had to act fast.

Cover image via Polis IPD Sepang (Facebook)

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Sepang Police Department received a call late in the evening yesterday, 3 July from a woman informing about her sister's plight

In a posting on Facebook, the Sepang district police said the woman called to inform them that her sister and 13 other co-workers had run out of food and desperately pleaded for help.

They had been quarantined in a house in Taman Bunga Raya, Sepang by their employer, a factory in nearby Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi after what is inferred to be suspected exposure to COVID-19.

Upon hearing this, they responded swiftly

Acting on humanitarian and social responsibility grounds, Sepang police chief ACP Wan Kamarul Azran Wan Yusof instructed that food be sent to their home immediately.

Within the next hour, an on-duty mobile patrol vehicle (MPV) unit arrived to deliver 16 packs of packed rice meals for the quarantined workers.

The post has since attracted praise from netizens, who thanked the police for their service and helping those in need

"Praying that the Sepang police is given good health to continue carrying out their responsibilities towards the people," wrote a commenter.

Image via Facebook

"Thank you to the whole Sepang police team for your kind food donation. Your kindness is very much appreciated," another said.

Image via Facebook

Several others went on to shower praise on the Sepang police team for leading by example.

Image via Facebook

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