Seremban Tuition Teacher Allegedly Texted, Touched, And Tried To Kiss An 11-Year-Old Girl

The victim's mother lodged a police report against the man yesterday, 16 June.

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A 33-year-old tuition teacher in Seremban allegedly sexually harassed an 11-year-old girl recently through physical touch and inappropriate text messages

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According to China Press, the incidents began in early April at the man's tuition centre in Mantin, Seremban. 

The centre is operated by the man and his wife. 

The victim's mother had found inappropriate texts between the man and her daughter in April, and decided to confront him at the time

One of the man's texts received by the victim.

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"Can I kiss your face?" the man asked through text. When the victim said no, he replied with "you should say 'anything'". In other texts, the man also reminded the victim to "delete the messages, if not other people may be able to read them".

When the mother confronted him with the texts, the man was filmed admitting to the crime and said he should not have done it. His wife had also begged the mother to not lodge a police report against him.

The mother eventually relented, but made the man promise to apologise publicly for his actions, immediately stop teaching, and leave the tuition centre for good.

Despite making such promises, the man maintained a presence at the tuition centre by fetching students to and from school

According to a Facebook post by the victim's mother, the man's wife also began making baseless accusations against her and her daughter, and consistently denied incidents of sexual harassment at the tuition centre. 

On top of that, the man's wife had also announced the closure of the tuition centre beginning July on Facebook, but has since deleted the post. 

Citing the couple's untrustworthiness, the victim's mother finally lodged a police report against the man yesterday, 16 June

In another Facebook post, the woman added that her daughter revealed incidents of the man trying to kiss her. He allegedly also held her hand and touched her thighs

On top of that, female students at the tuition centre had allegedly been ordered to go to the man's office to let him "dry their hair" after shower. 

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