SG Woman Has A YouTube Channel Dedicated To Stomping Malays & Indians For 'Harassing' Her

Although the woman has over 25 videos capturing her alleged harassers, many netizens claim that her accusations do not hold water and accuse her of being a racist.

Cover image via Al-kisah (Facebook) & YouTube

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Last Wednesday, 21 April, a Singaporean woman went viral for filming a group of strangers in a train cabin and accusing them of harassing her.

After the video went viral, netizens found that the woman has a YouTube channel dedicated to stomping non-Chinese people for allegedly harassing her.

'Stomp' refers to a common phenomenon in Singapore, where people would take videos or photos of an incident with the intention to publish them online and publicly humiliate those involved.

In a tweet published yesterday, 26 April, a netizen posted four screenshots of the woman's YouTube channel, which is believed to be a platform for her stomping videos.

A check on the YouTube channel found that 26 out of 29 videos claimed that she was harassed by either Malays or Indians.

Two videos did not specify the ethnicity of her alleged harassers, one of which merely shows a group of children loitering, while another video is about her confronting a team of project developers near her apartment.

With the surname Tan, the woman's latest video, which was uploaded two weeks ago and titled Malay Man Attempted To Molest Chinese Woman, has the highest engagement with 80,000 views and 4,400 dislikes.

Tan was captured asking a woman what is her race, before replying "no wonder" after she answered Malay during the incident on 21 April.

Image via Al-kisah (Facebook)

Most of her videos are simply titled 'Malay' or 'Indian Harassing Chinese'

The duration of the videos range between one-second and five-minute long.

None of the videos capture the harassment, but rather showcase non-Chinese individuals seemingly going about their day in Singapore.

Only a few of them captured her confronting others for their alleged harassment.

Some of the individuals being filmed did not even realise they were being videotaped, while others were weirded out after discovering that Tan was filming them in the public.

A video showing a man taking an escalator about 3m away from her was also branded as a harasser by Tan.

Twitter users were baffled by the woman's accusations, while some called attention to her apparent mental health issues.

Image via Twitter

When looking for clues in the descriptions of the videos, it uncovers more concerns about the legitimacy of her allegations

"People ask why I am always filming Malays. That is because these Malays are always trying to come near me," Tan wrote in the description of a video she uploaded on 14 May 2019.

"I've said it so many times before and I am going to repeat it here. I was a student from Hwa Chong Junior College and am a university graduate from Canada. So the man I am looking to marry has to be of higher educational or professional level."

Hwa Chong Junior College is an elite school located in Bukit Timah Road, reported Coconut SG.

In the latest incident that happened last Wednesday, she also boasted that she was from Hwa Chong Junior College, and that she "was from Calgary, in Alberta, Canada in case you don't know. Alright".

Many netizens have since dubbed her the 'Hwa Chong lady'.

She also wrote that she was coerced into marrying her neighbour's son and justified that she is nice to minorities because she donated SGD50 (about RM154) to an Indian.

In another description of a video, she said, "To the Malay guy stalking me, I don't know you and I don't think I am your type. I am sorry. All my friends hang out with people who are of the same educational background as they are. I am not being elitist. This is human nature!"

Image via YouTube

Local police have since lodged an investigation into the matter

According to TodayOnline, the police have received reports regarding last Wednesday's incident.

"A 57-year-old woman is currently assisting with investigations," the police told the news portal without elaborating.

Tan is said to be a registered estate agent, and Coconut SG reached out to her employer for a statement.

"We take the professional conduct of our associates very seriously. Please allow us to investigate into the matter," Coconut SG quoted the real estate company as saying.

Image via YouTube

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