[SHARE] Malaysians Are Saluting What This Guy Did At A Mamak

A mamak incident at Pelita was updated on social media and quickly became viral. This is Joe Najib's story.

Facebook user Joe Najib updated his status on Facebook, highlighting his experience at a mamak in SS2

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Najib was waiting for his car to be washed just next door and was underdressed compared to the boys sitting at the table

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The boys gossiped about Joe in Cantonese, not knowing that Joe fully understood the language himself

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The boys were suspected to be marketing communications students, a profession Joe is well versed with

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To the boys' surprise, Joe revealed his identity with the help of his name cards and topped it off by paying for their drinks

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Various social media users commented voiced their opinion and experiences

Read the whole status update and comments here

The SS2 Pelita is super packed tonight. I couldn't get a table to myself, so I asked a group of well-dressed boys (college kids ready to go clubbing I...


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