"She Quit Before I Could See Her Face" – JB Vendor Appalled By Staff Who Abused Sick Leave

The staff took 24 days of leave out of her 40-day employment.

Cover image via Japan Times & doucefleur/Freepik

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A food vendor in Johor is appalled by a staff he hired recently as she had called in sick and taken emergency leave more than the days she actually worked during her 40-day stint

Taking to Facebook to share the nuisance, Wilson Kek — who runs an onigiri stall in Johor Bahru — said he employed a 36-year-old on 15 March.

And by 25 April, she had left the job.

"In a total of 40 days (of employment), (she took) six days off. 18 more days were leave she took on her own," Kek wrote.

The employee cited "headache, stomachache, sister's visit, mother fell sick, fainted, pimple forming, and itchy hair" as some of the reasons she had asked for emergency leave.

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Image via Yokosuka Food Corner

In the Facebook post, Kek attached three screenshots of WhatsApp conversations between him and the employee

"Boss, I am sick. I can't go to work for the following few days. I am sorry," read a message on 14 March.

On 1 April, the employee said, "Good morning. Boss, I am sorry. My stomach is aching a lot. I can't go to work. I am really sorry."

Four days later, she said, "Good evening. I'm sorry, husband. I can't go to work tomorrow because my sister needs my help. I'm sorry boss."

She mistakenly addressed Kek as her husband in the text message.

Less than a week later, she said she could not go to work again due to coughing and Kek confronted her about the number of leaves she was taking.

In response, she said, "I know, boss. I didn't want this too. I'm really sorry."

The employee also said she had to take a day of leave after falling down the stairs and her mom was having a fever.

Kek did not even bother to reply to her in the last message on 16 April.

"I only saw her for 16 days," Kek related.

"Wakao! She quit before I could see her face."

He said it is frustrating being a boss.

"Actually, I wanted to tell her that it is strange for a 36-year-old to beg for a job," Kek said.

"(But) once she was given the job, she complained about the low pay. She doesn't even have the experience. She failed to attend half of the 26 working days in a month. Does [she] really think there is nothing wrong with it?"

Speaking to SAYS, Kek said she was hired to be a sushi-making assistant and that she was paid RM1,200 a month with an allowance ranging between RM300 and RM800.

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At the time of writing, the post has gone viral with over 1,500 shares

Most of the 600 comments garnered in the post expressed how they were baffled by the employee's work ethics.

"It's really scary. For the money, even the boss can be called a 'husband'. She really knows how to play," a netizen said in jest in response to the employee's mistake of calling Kek her spouse.

"As a boss, we need to learn how to fire employees sometimes," advised a Facebook user.

"The conclusion is that the salary was too low. If she knew that the salary was low, then don't accept the job in the first place. Wasting each other's time," read a comment.

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