6 Men Beat Up This Woman On The Street And Cut Open Her Face. Here's Their Punishment.

All this happened in full view of the public. But no one stepped in to intervene.

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It was the night of 11 November 2016, when at around 3 am, a group of six men, high on alcohol and power, assaulted a pair of female tourists inside a barbecue shop in Yunnan

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They then dragged one of the women out on the street, broke a beer bottle on the back of her head, and used the same bottle to cut open her face in full view of the public

Image via Shanghaiist

One of the men had allegedly told her that he wanted to scar her for life as he used a broken piece of the bottle on her face, literally scaring her for life. No one intervened.

According to a report in the Shanghaiist, the men then took away both the women's phones and warned them to not file any report and that if police asked so tell them that they had an accident. They claimed that they had good connections with local authorities.

The women, however, lodged a formal complaint with the local police, to seek justice.

Two months passed and by January the Lijiang police had not taken any action against the six accused. Frustrated, the woman whose face the men had cut open, decided to go public, telling her entire ordeal to the world through her Weibo account.

In her post, she included the photos that showed her shocking injuries.

Her blood covered swollen face, a pair of black eyes and long gash running down the length of her nose, which required six stitches.

Image via Shanghaiist
Image via Shanghaiist
Image via Shanghaiist
Image via Shanghaiist

She also revealed that she had gone into almost RM1million debt due to all the medical bills, her boyfriend broke up with her and the attack left her with a broken spirit, leading her to write a suicide note to her mother online which read:

"Mom, when you see this message, maybe I will have left this world. I don't know how I can keep on living. I don't have any courage..."

Her post and photos created quite a stir, with Weibo users accusing the police of trying to cover up the crime.

Immediately after, the Lijiang Public Security Bureau set up a special task force and arrested the six suspects.

And now after seven months, a district court in Lijiang has finally issued its verdict in the case. However, many netizens believe the court has shown leniency in its verdict.

According to Chinese news site, Sina News, the court has sentenced the six men to varying terms of imprisonments including 1 year, 2 years and 3.5 years on charges of intentional assault and disorderly behaviour.

Image via Sina News

Do you think the court's verdict is not harsh enough? You can share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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