Shocking Video Shows Two Men Drowning In Flood Waters Amidst Screams Of Desperation

The tragedy occurred in broad daylight and was captured on video first shared by FMT on 26 December.

Cover image via FMT

Editor's note: The footage may disturb some viewers

In a real-life drama captured in a rather disturbing video, screams of desperation are heard, as two young men, unable to fight against the strong undercurrent of wild river waters, succumb in exhaustion as they go under. Watch the shocking footage here:

The footage was first shared by FMT, which reported:

The two were apparently bathing in the river when strong undercurrents yanked one of them deeper into the water. In the video, people along the banks are heard screaming out to him, trying to help him to safety but the gushing waters are seen clearly overwhelming him despite his struggles to stay afloat.

In a desperate attempt to help him, the other man tries to get closer, before he too is pulled under and the two drown amid gut-wrenching cries of utter disbelief from onlookers at the tragedy unfolding before their eyes.

Meanwhile, as per a report by The Star, the flooding in Pahang is moving downstream and Temerloh, Mentakab and Triang are on high alert, Pahang MCA chief Datuk Hoh Khai Mun said

While the situation in Kuantan and Sungei Lembing has improved, the number of flood victims in relief centres in Kuantan was still the highest, 15, 072 out of the total 35, 561 in Pahang as of 8am Saturday, Hoh said when contacted in the afternoon.

Hoh said others in the relief centres were in Jerantut (5, 802), Temerloh (4, 522), Maran (3, 332), Pekan (3, 128), Lipis (2, 470), Raub (666), Bera (528) and Rompin (40).

Here's how to prepare for and survive flood:

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