Did You Know There's A Heavy Shortage Of Qualified Engineers In Our Country?

The Institution of Engineers Malaysia says more qualified engineers are needed for the crucial role of overseeing construction projects and infrastructure development works.

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There are about 150,000 experienced engineers in Malaysia, meaning there's a shortage of qualified engineers suitable for the crucial role of overseeing construction projects and infrastructure development works, says the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM)

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According to IEM President Lim Chow Hock:

We are still short of 50,000 to meet the requirement in the construction and infrastructure sectors. The experienced engineers are needed in the consultation and management departments,” he said.

Lim added that the demand for consultation and management engineers for government construction and infrastructure projects would mitigate the impact of the slowdown taking place in the construction industry, The Star Online reported

“About 70% of our members are engineers in the development and construction sectors. They can easily be reabsorbed to play consultation and management roles for government projects,” he said.

Lim added that about 30% of the members were involved in the electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineering industries. The IEM currently has about 43,000 members.

He also said that there was a concern on the quality of the local engineering graduates as a study done three years ago by IEM revealed that the local engineering graduates lacked certain fundamental understanding of engineering principles

“This is affecting their ability to execute their duties effectively. This was the feedback from most of the employers in the manufacturing, construction, and development sectors. We have recently submitted a paper on our findings to the Higher Education Ministry. We are proposing for the engineering curriculum in universities to be revamped,” he added.

On the other hand, 1,000 medical graduates have decided to quit pursuing a career in medicine, despite having completed 2 years of house-manship in the past year

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