S'porean Woman Shames 4 Indonesian Muslims For Eating Openly At Food Court During Ramadan

"You're bringing shame to all Muslim people, while wearing tudung some more!"

Cover image via Bagan Serai Kampung Halamanku (Facebook)

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A video of four Muslim women in Singapore getting berated for dining in public during Ramadan has gone viral on social media

In the one minute video, the four women in tudung can be seen eating noodles at what looks like a hawker centre in Singapore when a woman comes up to them with her phone and tells them off for "embarrassing Muslims".

"They're all eating Chinese food. She said she works with a Chinese person, so she can eat. But I say we're all Muslim," said the cameraperson in Bahasa Melayu with disbelief in her tone.

"You're bringing shame to all Muslim people, while wearing tudung some more!" she shouted angrily.

As she threatened to report them to the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS), one of the four diners snapped back

"Assalamualaikum. I don't follow the rules here, I follow the rules stated in the Quran. The way of fasting in the Quran is different from the way it is done here," the woman in the green hijab responded in Bahasa Indonesia.

"But one of the five pillars of Islam is to fast! Don't you understand?" shouted the woman behind the camera, adding, "Where are you learning these teachings? Now I'm telling you, in God's name, I won't answer for you on Judgement Day."

"I will answer for myself," said the woman in green hijab calmly, as the other three continued to eat.

The video was circulated well beyond Singapore, also garnering strong and varying reactions from Malaysian and Indonesians netizens

One of the videos on Facebook has been viewed more than five million times, with over 29,000 shares.

Some netizens condemned the woman behind the video for her intrusive behaviour, citing that it was possible that the diners could either be ill or menstruating, and thus not required to fast.

Meanwhile, many others agreed with her and disapproved of the four diners.

"You're all Malay Muslim who are eating in a Chinese shop during the month of fasting. This is the best reprimanding, sister," cried a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

Another said, "The way she told them off is wrong. Don't give advice until you insult them. Wrong is wrong, but when we reprimand people, we shouldn't film it."

"Look at the way the Prophet took care of other people's bad deeds carefully. Take note, sister. The language you used was too crude."

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, this user said, "Whatever it is, let God deal with other people's lives. We shouldn't punish among ourselves, who are we to punish others? Just leave it to God."

Image via Facebook

You can watch the viral video here.

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