Singaporean Dies In Parked Car After Driving Non-Stop From Johor To KLIA To Drop A Friend

He died shortly after he completed a 336km drive from Johor.

Cover image via AsiaOne

A 62-year-old Singaporean man died of a heart attack after an overnight drive from Johor to Kuala Lumpur International Airport

According to a report in AsiaOne, the man had undertaken a three-hour-and-15-minute journey on Sunday night to drop a friend at KLIA.

He passed away while he was on his way home after dropping off his friend.

It was reported that the 62-year-old man didn't take sufficient rest and almost immediately began his return trip to Johor, only making a quick stop at a petrol station.

Image via AsiaOne

He was found dead at the petrol station around 4am on 20 May

The man had stopped at the petrol station to use the restroom.

According to a witness who spoke to the China Press, upon returning from the restroom, the man started convulsing in his car. Then, he became motionless.

The incident and the nationality of the deceased were confirmed by Malaysian police, who were rushed to the scene after being alerted to the incident.

A video clip of police officers attempting to remove the man's remains from his sedan has gone viral on social media:

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