"You Have No Badge, Why You Ask Me" - S'porean Woman Argues Against Wearing Mask In Public

She refused to wear a mask despite holding a disposable one in her hands throughout the video.

Cover image via The Online Citizen Asia (Facebook)

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A woman in Singapore was caught on camera arguing with mall personnel at The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands (MBS) over her blatant refusal to put on a face mask

In a widely circulated video of the incident, the shopping mall's safe distancing ambassador (SDA) is seen repeatedly asking the woman to wear a mask as a COVID-19 safety measure.

However, the woman refused and, instead, challenged the ambassador's authority in asking her to wear a mask.

"If you have no badge, why are you asking me to do something? Who are you representing?" she asked.

When the ambassador said she represents MBS, the woman said, "That's what you say, I can say that I'm a police... If you have no badge, don't speak to me. You have no right to ask me to do anything."

Again, when the SDA asked her to put on a mask like all the other shoppers around her, the woman replied, "That's everybody, it has nothing to do with me."

Throughout the video, the woman can be seen holding a disposable mask in her hands.

The woman is believed to be involved in several other instances where she walked freely in public places without a mask on

Two other videos of the same woman have surfaced on social media, purportedly showing her grocery shopping at VivoCity in February, and another at Clarke Quay Central in December last year.

In the latter, she is seen arguing with staff, again asking them for proof that they represent the mall when they barred her from entering without a mask.

"Do you represent Central mall? Show me a card that shows you represent Central mall," she says in the video.

Singapore police have since announced that they are investigating the 53-year-old woman for being a public nuisance and breaching safe distancing measures

According to CNA, the police said they received a call for assistance at about 5.15pm on Saturday, 15 May, about the woman not wanting to wear a mask despite repeated advice from an SDA to do so.

The police are also aware of the other similar instances where she refused to wear a mask, which can be charged under the country's COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020.

Those found guilty of not wearing a mask, or not wearing one properly, outside their place of residence face a fine of up to SGD10,000 (RM30,937), six months' jail, or both.

Those found guilty of public nuisance face up to three months' jail, a fine of up to SGD2,000 (RM6,185), or both.

Watch the viral video here.

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