S'poreans Go Berserk After Being Called Out For Allegedly Filling Barrel With Petrol In JB

The Singaporean duo threatened the delivery rider with severe consequences if he didn't delete the video.

Cover image via Screenshot/SAYS

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A video showing two Singaporean men screaming and attacking a food delivery rider, who called them out for allegedly filling up a barrel at a petrol station in Iskandar Puteri, Johor Bahru, has gone viral

The incident happened last night, 20 June.

In the video, the food delivery rider appears to point out the two Singaporean men to a couple of auxiliary police officers, asking them to take action against the two men for not following regulations.

For context, the government prohibits filling up jerry cans or other containers with fuel, as part of its efforts to regulate the purchase of subsidised RON95 fuel. The government also prohibits foreign-registered vehicles from filling up their tanks with RON95, a ban that Singaporeans flout regularly.

While the auxiliary police officers are seen attempting to pacify the situation, the Singaporean duo continue to threaten the delivery rider with severe consequences if he doesn't delete the video.

At one point, one of them takes out a steering wheel lock from their parked SUV, in an attempt to further intimidate the delivery rider, who continues to record and ask the auxiliary police officers to take action.

Screenshot collage showing auxiliary officers trying to prevent the situation from escalating.

Image via Screenshot/SAYS

When the auxiliary officers ask the delivery rider to show his identification card (IC), the Singaporeans make another attempt to physically assault him

At which point, one of the auxiliary officers manages to stop the two men.

The rider then shows his IC to the officers.

However, the Singaporean duo, still screaming, asks the officers who the rider thinks he is.

"You better delete, ah," one of them yells threateningly at the rider.

The officers appear to not say much to the men. Towards the end of the video, while the officers see the duo filling up a barrel with fuel, they do not appear to stop them from doing so.

Screenshot collage shows one of the auxiliary officers speaking to one of the Singaporean duo while he fills up a barrel at the pump.

Image via Screenshot/SAYS

The video was first uploaded on TikTok, where it's no longer available

The one-minute -41-second video had already amassed over a million views before it was taken down.

However, the video has since then been uploaded on other social media platforms, including Twitter, where it has garnered over half a million views and received hundreds of comments from Malaysians.

A number of Malaysians remarked in jest — after seeing the two auxiliary officers showing leniency towards the duo — that the only officer who could have taught them a lesson is the viral "Inspector Sheila".

"Where's 'Inspector Shiela' when you need her?" tweeted a person in response to the video.

"We need 'Inspector Shiela'. Stat!" joked another.

For context, the inspector in question is a senior police officer, who went viral recently after multiple videos showed her publicly berating lower-ranking colleagues in Gombak and harassing a family at a Kuala Lumpur shopping mall's parking lot. She has since been arrested.

While several commentators criticised the auxiliary officers for not appearing stern, many praised the Grab delivery rider for standing up for what's right without fear.

"The fact that Singaporean guy can blatantly threaten to beat this rider up while holding a 'baton' in front of an 'authority figure' is f-cking insane. Just goes to show how little they think of us," remarked one.

"Kudos, abang. We need to be firm la on this. No RON95 to non-Malaysians," said another.

Watch the video here:

Earlier this month, photos showing Singaporeans fueling their vehicles with RON95 in Malaysia went viral, angering Malaysians:

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