Single Mum & Sick Daughter Survive On Edible Leaves As They Can't Afford Essential Items

The 53-year-old former security guard and her 33-year-old daughter, who previously worked as a nurse, are currently relying on the goodwill of a friend's grandmother in Ipoh.

Cover image via Sinar Harian & Sharul Hafiz Zam/New Straits Times

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Recently, the plight of a single mother in Ipoh was reported on local media, highlighting how the 53-year-old has been plucking edible leaves along the roadside just so she could feed her sick daughter

Sinar Harian reported that R Suganthi has no means to get any essential items.

The mother-daughter duo has been surviving on one meal a day amidst the current Movement Control Order (MCO) that has been in effect since the start of June, reported the Malay daily.

Suganthi says the situation has to be endured due to both her and her daughter not having any money.

Suganthi is currently relying on the goodwill of her friend's grandmother, who has allowed them to stay with her

The mother previously rented a house but had to move out after not being able to pay rent.

"My friend asked me to stay with her grandmother who is renting an apartment here and she's living alone. My friend always helps me get essential items," New Straits Times quoted her as saying.

"I am grateful as my daughter and I finally have a roof over our heads, but how long should I stay here. I can't afford to pay half the rental here, as well as the utility bills."

Initially, the mother was embarrassed to ask for help, but after no longer willing to see her 33-year-old daughter suffering from back pain and not being able to eat and drink, she decided to seek help.

Suganthi says that her friends have helped a lot with some even supporting them financially.

"We eat only once a day, that's plain rice porridge mixed with fried onions and chillies, usually, we will eat late at around 5pm so that we can fill our stomachs until night," she told Sinar Harian.

They wake up late every day to avoid feeling hungry in the morning.

The 53-year-old is a former security guard and her 33-year-old daughter previously worked as a nurse. However, the mother-daughter duo are no longer able to work due to the injuries they both have suffered.

Suganthi was involved in an accident back in 2014 and suffers from a slip disc, while her daughter, who was involved in an accident in 2011, suffers from a broken hip and can't stand and sit for too long.

"She usually lies in bed the whole day and also suffers from memory loss following the accident," the mother said, adding that she feels like a useless mother when she sees her daughter's condition.

Image via Sinar Harian

The mother, who does crochet stitching to earn some money, is now appealing to the public for any help, even a job that suits her condition

"I hope I can do something for my daughter, I need to find a job that is suitable for my condition and a house too," Suganthi said, adding that people willing to help can contact her at +6018-4700389.

Recently, a pharmacist in Terengganu stepped in to pay for a woman's child's medicines after the mother couldn't afford to pay RM60:

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