Someone Poisoned 4 Puppies And 2 Dogs At Their Owner's Compound In Puchong

The puppies were about two months old.

Cover image via Alex Chandran/Malaysiakini

In an incident that happened on Thursday, 3 January, four puppies and two female dogs were found poisoned in their owner's compound in Batu 14, Puchong, Selangor

According to a Friday report on Malaysiakini, the incident was first noticed by the owner's sister when she found one of the female dogs acting strangely.

However, not suspecting anything serious, the owner's sister gave the female dog some water before she left the house to pick up her children from school.

"At about 1.30pm, when she returned home, she noticed that another dog of mine was also in a very weak state. This was when she suspected that something must have happened to the dogs. I rushed home upon hearing of the incident.

"And then in front of my own eyes, one by one, the two dogs and four puppies died," Malaysiakini quoted owner Alex Chandran as saying.

While the owner suspected that the dogs could have been poisoned, he declined to speculate if anyone did it

Chandran said while he only fed the dogs some lentil and eggs on Wednesday night, he found traces of food waste in the compound that were not similar to he fed them.

He suspected the dogs could have been poisoned as the food residue they later found included some chicken bones and crab shells among others, reported Malaysiakini.

He said he would leave the matter to the authorities

"It is now being investigated by the Veterinary Services Department.

"I had lodged a report with them (on Thursday) and they immediately came to my house to conduct an investigation. They took all the samples they needed plus the remains of my dogs for post-mortem," Malaysiakini quoted Chandran as saying.

Meanwhile, the department has also lodged a police report on the incident.

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