Someone Posed As The Wife Of A DAP Man And Accused Him Of Having An Affair

Cheong Chee Khing, who is also press secretary to Minister of Human Resources, has since denied allegations against him.

Cover image via China Press

A Facebook user who claimed to be the 'wife' of former Bercham assemblyman Cheong Chee Khing issued a "warning" against women who were allegedly trying to destroy their marriage

"Today, I want to give a reminder to all the women who want to approach my husband," the 'wife' wrote in a viral Facebook post yesterday, which has since been deleted. 

She further alleged she is "used to" the fact that Cheong has a long history of extra-marital affairs.

The Facebook post also contained pictures resembling Cheong in compromising positions with an unidentified woman

One of the pictures in the Facebook post.

Image via China Press

"My husband doesn't dare and will never divorce me to be with you. You should stop dreaming about it," the 'wife' wrote, purportedly targeting the unidentified woman in the picture.

"To all the women, don't hope that my husband will divorce me to be with you," she added.

China Press reported that a video of the 'wife' catching her 'husband' cheating on her also went viral.

Cheong has since claimed that he does not know the 'wife' and denied her allegations against him

"It's fake news, I will not care about it," Cheong was quoted as saying by China Press yesterday. 

He also pointed out that the 'wife' did not spell his name correctly.

Although the Facebook post has since been deleted, you can read it in full here:

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