People Are Texting Rafizi Ramli On WhatsApp And Asking Him For Sex

Well, that's one way to implement #2Kerja. :p

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PKR's Rafizi Ramli recently became the butt of a crude prank when his phone number was displayed for all to see in a flyer advertising sex services

Rafizi's number appeared under the photo of a woman called Rara, which - coincidentally - is also the nickname for DAP's Young Syefura Othman.

The Pandan MP laughed it off in a series of tweets with a few screenshots of the messages he received from solicitors. One, in particular, asked him for a photo of his body even after Rafizi denied giving out sex services.

According to a Twitter user, the flyers were being distributed to residential areas in Subang Jaya. Rafizi confirmed that it is indeed where the solicitors got his number from, adding that the other numbers could belong to other politicians too.

However, the ridiculous incident highlighted a serious underlying issue in regards to the lack of Islamic morals among Malay youths today, as Rafizi pointed out that 9 out of 10 solicitors are Malay teens

The PKR Vice-President said that the current situation is upsetting as youths push themselves further away from Islamic values due to hardship and a disconnect between the political rhetoric of Islam and reality

In an interview with Malaysiakini, Rafizi said, "On one extreme, you have much rhetoric about Islam, but it appears disconnected with what is happening on the ground. In reality, there is a lot less emphasis on Islamic values on the ground, and it is showing."

The Pandan MP also highlighted the negative effects of socio-economic factors on Malay youths' stance on Islamic values, saying, "Based on my experience from these 9 out of 10 youths is that they seem to be the lesser educated and poorer Malays. Because of the socio-economic situation, the situation is worsening on the ground. Poverty and hardship push them further away from Islamic values."

"Though quantitatively, the 9 out of 10 messages and calls I received is not sufficient to prove anything, but qualitatively, you have to wonder. They were youths, and they were bold enough to call and message," he added.

Rafizi said that he will not be lodging a report, expressing that it's part and parcel of being a politician. He also refused to point fingers when asked about who he thinks could be responsible for the flyers.

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“I don’t know. If I say it is UMNO, I will get sued. You can’t prove it. Nobody in their right mind would do it unless they are paid,” he said, pointing out that it entailed both printing and circulation cost.

“So I don’t think it is a prank. Whoever did this wanted to create a nuisance for us,” he added.

Wow, who knew flyers advertising sex services can be so... in demand? Well, to be fair, some Malaysians can be a creatively kinky bunch:

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