SPM Candidates Stormed This Woman's Instagram Because Her Name Was In Their English Paper

An exam question featured a character named Melissa who went paragliding.

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A woman named Melissa recently had her Instagram account flooded with thousands of random comments by Malaysians

She is an artist based in London and one of her photos uploaded in July has suddenly gained 6,156 comments.

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Most of the comments were vulgar and consisted of crude language

One person asked, "Are you happy you landed safely?"

Meanwhile, another comment read, "Next time don't go paragliding."

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Someone later explained that a question in this year's SPM English paper featured a character named Melissa who went paragliding

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Image via The Malaysian Times

Twitter user @istgfu wrote, "In the SPM English paper just now, there was a question with a character named Melissa who went paragliding. Then people found an actual Melissa who went paragliding and they flooded her Instagram account with comments."

Image via Twitter @istgfu

Era reported that in the question paper, a girl named Melissa was said to have failed her landing while paragliding.

Netizens are criticising those who left comments on the woman's profile for being rude and bordering on cyberbullying

"Even if you're joking there should be boundaries, please. This is harassment. If you want the society to mature, cut it out with these childish acts," said one netizen.

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Another person wrote, "These kids are so rude. She doesn't even know all of you and you have no right to flood her comments with out-of-context remarks. She must be feeling so uncomfortable."

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Meanwhile, one person left a comment on the woman's account that read, "Batch '02, you should be embarrassed and I'm sorry to say this but you guys are immature. To be honest, this is cyberbullying."

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Previously, Malaysians left hurtful comments on Dua Lipa's Instagram after she referred to her father as 'babi', the Albanian word for 'father':

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