New Format For SPM Pendidikan Moral. But Nobody Knew About It Until The Exam Started.

Last minute changes on the exam format were made on this year's SPM Moral paper. Exam candidates, and even teachers, even shocked as these changes were not made known to any of them.

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Lembaga Peperiksaan Says That The Paper's Format Was NOT Changed

The Education Ministry's Examinations Syndicate maintained that there was no change to the format for this year's SPM Moral Studies paper.

The paper consisted of 2 sections in the same format as in previous years, with Section A comprising 8 structured questions worth 80 marks and Section B (answer 2 out of the 3 essay questions) for the remaining 20 marks.

“The 3 essay questions were more open-ended (this year) to allow candidates to give broad-based answers based on their ability to use moral knowledge critically to analyse, evaluate, make decisions and solve moral issues that are relevant to everyday life,” it said in a statement yesterday.

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Education Ministry Should Apologise, Says DAP MP

A DAP MP today urged the Education Ministry to apologise to SPM students for tweaking the Moral Studies examination paper without proper notice.

“I call upon the Education Ministry to apologise to all parties affected and make amends to the teachers, the parents and the students,” said Ko.

“What’s worse is the Minister of Education seemed to be kept in the dark and blissfully ignorant of it,” Ko said in a statement today.

MCA Youth Chief Wee Ka Siong, a former deputy minister of education, also called for an official investigation of the issue.

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Was The Last-Minute Change Done To Bring Down The Number Of Straight A Students?

Were the sudden unannounced changes in the format of the SPM Moral paper a sneaky way to ensure fewer students score straight A's?

The Education Ministry must ensure yesterday’s contentious change to the Moral examination format in the ongoing secondary school assessment does not result in fewer distinctions than last year.

“The implication of not scoring an A+ in the SPM is significant for certain students. Some of them may have lost out on the scholarship and the university places because of this,” Ko said in a statement today.

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This Is An Act of "Cheating The Children"

Surreptitiously changing the format of the SPM Moral paper only reflects the uselessness of this subject for inculcating moral values as those responsible for the sudden change did not themselves have the moral sense to understands that their action amounts to cheating the children and that cheating is not only immoral but also an offence.

Changes should have been made at the beginning of the year. You cannot teach children to do something in a certain way, and test them in a different way. Such an action, to say the least, is dastardly.

Changes must not be made to hit the children below the belt. The act of changing the format of the questions amounts to a breach of the contract as contained in the syllabus.
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Exam Questions Are Changed To More KBKK-based

It was learnt that the format had been changed from more structured questions to more open-ended form, which placed the students in a confusing state.

G. Tang, a student from Selangor, said he and his friends were shocked by the questions and were looking at each other in the examination hall, not knowing what to do.

A student added that this year's paper seemed to emphasise higher order thinking skills (HOTS).

Students were shocked by the last minute change to the SPM Moral paper format, even teachers and parents were shocked too.

SPM students, teachers and parents were in for a shock when the moral studies format was changed at the last-minute and without prior notice.

A male student said the questions were markedly different unlike previous years. The least the Education Ministry could have done, he added, was to inform the students beforehand.

Another student said that the format was changed without the knowledge of teachers and students. “We didn’t know how to answer and what exactly was to be answered in the essay section. So, most of were left clueless,” she said.

When contacted, National Union of Teaching Malaysia secretary general Lok Yim Pheng was shocked when she was informed about the last minute changes on the Moral Studies exam.

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Students unsure of how to answer the essay section

lauuhao1995: "请问大家 esei要怎么回答呀?? 5cara 5 pengajaran 很多人说要回答nilai的format 可是都没有问你nilai是什么呀~"

[Translation: Does anyone know how to answer the essay section?? 5 cara 5 pengajaran. Many people said that the answer format should include nilai murni, but the question didn't ask you to identify any nilai murni~ ]

mingisms: "we all messed up the essay part

unless essay is KBKK"

Ash96: "i only put 2-3 nilai only"

D-Frog: "For the essay part.
I give 5nilai, 5contoh"

GotItRight: "For essay part last ques, I didn't write nilai as I saw the questions asking for pengajaran. Lol. I thought that if they want nilai, they should have mentioned asking for nilai. Then, all pengajaran like kbkk in sej given, with 1huraian for each pengajaran. Damn, don't know what they want at all. Is it they want to test us about nilai, or our kbkk."

drchengshi1: "我一個用nilai format 另外一個自己寫像作文這樣 不敢2個都寫一樣
印象老師好像從來沒說過esei會出nilai以外的題目 都不知道能不能拿到及格了"
[Translation: I used the nilai format for one question, I answered the other question using my own style. I didn't dare use the same way to answer both questions. If I remember correctly, the teachers never said that the essay will ask anything other than nilai. I don't even know if I can pass this or not.]
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Some students said that the paper was easier

lauuhao1995: "只需要3个moral value就能走天下了~ == 改的很简单呀~~~~"
[Translation: You just need 3 moral values to excel ~ == the format was made easier~~~~]

D-Frog: "New format...
Easier , but not sure correct or not.
Governemnt really nothing to say.
Don't know what to expect for add math.
The anxiety and excitement."

Other SPM candidates' reaction towards the 2013 Moral paper

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