Standard 2 Student's Finger Breaks After Classroom Ceiling Fan Drops On Her

Three other students were also injured by the rusted fan.

Cover image via Utusan Malaysia

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A Standard 2 student in Larut, Taiping, had her fingers broken when her classroom's ceiling fan dropped on her yesterday, 18 October

The incident occurred at 10am while the student was in the middle of a lesson, reported Utusan Malaysia.

After the fan dropped from the ceiling, the student's father, Mohd, 32, said his eight-year-old daughter was brought to Selama Hospital by his wife to receive medical treatment.

Image via Utusan Malaysia

According to the father, the hospital's examination revealed that the student sustained several injuries, including a broken finger bone on her left hand and an injury in the chest

"I went to my daughter's class and discovered that the classroom fan was too old and rusted. Not only was the fan dangerous, but it should no longer be used," said Mohd.

The fan also injured three other female students, but they did not sustain serious injuries.

"My daughter's desk was directly under the fan, so her injuries were slightly more severe than the others."

Image via Utusan Malaysia

Mohd was disappointed with the school's response to the incident, as they refused to send his daughter to the hospital

"The school claimed they had to follow the rules established by the education department because the incident occurred in the classroom," said the father.

"I am disappointed because this is an emergency that necessitates immediate action. When my wife arrived at school, she informed us that our daughter's hands had turned yellow due to the incident."

The father has since reported the incident at the Selama District Police Headquarters.

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