A Woman Who Confronted An Abusive Husband At KLIA Was Attacked With Rude Insults

The man warned the woman not to interfere with his business.

Cover image via Suri Kempe/Facebook

When a woman was repeatedly pushed and shoved by a man believed to be her boyfriend or husband at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), a stranger was compelled to intervene

Suri Kempe was catching a train at KLIA yesterday, 29 June, when she noticed that the woman was being bullied by her companion.

"She managed to escape his grasp and he was about to go after her," Suri wrote in a Facebook post, recounting the incident.

Suri, who is the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) manager, could not stand watching the situation unfolding before her eyes, so she stepped in and berated the man, telling him not to bash his girlfriend.

The man replied, "Eh, that is my wife!"

Suri retorted and said that he should not beat her up if she is his wife.

However, the man appeared to be unhappy and said, "What's the problem now?"

Suri recalled that another person, believed to be the man's friend, kept telling her to mind her own business and not get involved in the matter.

"If he wants to beat his wife, this is not just my problem, but everyone's here. I could just make a report —," she told the friend.

Before Suri could finish her sentence, the man cut her off and challenged her with profanities.

"Report? Report ah. B#tch! Do not interfere with my business!"

According to Suri, the man's wife then came forward and apologised for her husband's behaviour. She assured Suri that "she was okay".

All of a sudden, the man yelled and said, "Who are you to want to interfere with my business? And you don't even wear a tudung (headscarf)!"

However, Suri was not going to back down after hearing that comment.

"I was walking away at this point, but when he yelled that out, I turned around, and yelled back: Hey! Lelaki Melayu dayus, dah lah pukul bini and mulut macam sial, ada hati nak kutuk saya tak pakai tudung? Inilah masalahnya kalau dah bodoh!" (You hit your wife and you have a foul mouth, yet you still have the heart to mock me for not wearing a tudung. This is the problem when you're stupid!)”

After saying this, Suri turned and walked away but she could hear the man who continued to call her with degrading names

"When I finally remembered that it would make sense to take a picture of him, I was already behind the turnstile."

"But whenever I pointed the phone towards him, he would attempt to hide behind someone and flick me off on the side," she wrote.

Many netizens praised Suri for standing up for the woman instead of doing nothing about it

Image via Facebook

At the time of writing, Suri's Facebook post has received more than 2,400 reactions and 700 shares.

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