Video Shows The Struggle Pedestrians Have To Endure To Get To MRT Station In PJ

It's like going through a survival game.

Cover image via @anaszack9 (TikTok) &

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A TikToker recently shared the struggles daily commuters have to face while walking to the Surian MRT station in Petaling Jaya

TikTok user @anaszack9 made a video of his everyday 10-minute journey walking from Palm String @ Damansara condominium to the MRT station.

In the one-minute-and-49-second TikTok, he said the purpose of the video was to show how unsafe the walkways were to the station.


The challenge of being a non-car commuter in Malaysia ‍ #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #publictransport

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After he walks past a short paved walkway, that is where his struggle as a pedestrian starts to unfold:

1. There's an unsafe slope leading up to the walkway on the New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE)

The TikToker shows that there is no proper walkway or light around the area, adding that it is scary to walk up the path on a rainy day.

He has also lost count of how many times he has injured himself walking there.

He added that the curbside by NKVE is also not an official walkway as it is too close to the hectic main road.

The TikToker said that irresponsible motorists would also sometimes use the path as a shortcut to avoid traffic jams.

2. Crossing a junction with cars coming out from the mall

The TikToker voiced out his concern that certain drivers were not considerate enough to give priority to pedestrians to cross the road.

3. Walking down this small walkway by the main road

The TikToker called it the "catwalk" and highlighted once again how there are no proper walkways along his journey to the MRT station.

He added that pedestrians often have no other option but to settle with the poor infrastructure provided by the government.

4. Crossing yet another busy junction

In the video, it can be seen that pedestrians often have to cross the hectic road with no proper zebra crossing to get to the station.

5. Another small and narrow walkway

The TikTok user showed the small curb that pedestrians have to balance on and pointed out that there was also a pothole on the tiny walkway, where people could easily get injured.

After showing the five challenges, the TikToker said there was finally a safe path for pedestrians to walk, but only around the MRT station itself

He then shared that he did not mind that it would take time for him to arrive at the station, but he would much prefer a safer path to get there.

He also hoped that authorities would take action before any pedestrians who use these facilities get hurt.

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