Student Reminds Public To Check Receipts After She Paid RM348 For Ikan Bilis

She was wrongly charged.

Cover image via Nik Yam Chik Zainab

A young woman was alarmed after she was wrongly charged when shopping for groceries recently

Nik Yam Chik Zainab shared on Facebook on Tuesday, 2 January, that she went to shop for groceries after her exam and she had expected to spend around RM200.

At the cashier counter, she was told that the total bill came up to RM586.75 and Nik Yam gave the cashier RM600. She received a balance of RM13.25.

The student at Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris Shah then went to back to her car and reviewed the receipt after paying

She explained that it is her habit to write down her shopping list on a piece of paper or notebook so that she will not forget to buy anything the next time she shops at the supermarket.

Nik Yam said that she felt strange as she wondered what she had bought that made her fork out a large sum of money as the bill came to a total of almost RM600, which was about three times more than what she had expected to pay.

When she examined the list of goods on the receipt, she realised that the ikan bilis (anchovies) that she bought was not accounted for

Instead, she found out that she was wrongly charged RM348 for 'Silverside CTN'.

She opened her car boot and went through all the goods that she just bought to find the ikan bilis (anchovies).

"Ikan bilis that cost RM2.24 suddenly cost RM348," she said.

She went back to the same counter and alerted the staff about the discrepancy. Thankfully, she got her money back in the end.

Following the experience, Nik Yam reminded the public to be more careful when shopping and to always check the prices of goods taken before before paying

Have you ever been wrongly charged at a supermarket? Share with us your experience in the comment section below.

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