Kelantan Sultan's Ex-Wife Said She Had To Pawn RM1 Mil Wedding Ring To Pay Medical Bills

She also urged him to "wake up" and think about their son.

Sultan of Kelantan Sultan Muhammad V's ex-wife recently told the British media that she had to pawn her wedding ring to pay for medical bills

Image via Daily Mail UK

She told Daily Mail that she pawned her Jacob Arabo ring worth RM1,041,562 after her husband allegedly left her while she was four months pregnant.

"I used this money to cover my medical bills in Switzerland as I was at risk of losing the baby," she said.

She added that the ring was pawned for three times less than the original value.

In a separate interview, the former model said that she still does not know the real reason over the divorce

On Wednesday, 3 October, the former beauty queen shared the full interview with Daily Mail on Instagram and wrote, "I gave my first interview to clarify our situation with the divorce."

The Instagram video garnered 345,000 views at the time of writing.

Earlier in September, she said that she was ready to tell the truth about their marriage.

When asked about what went wrong in their marriage during the interview, she said, "Actually I don't know what exactly happened because everything was okay, we were expecting for our first baby.

"Until now, I still don't understand what was the real reason."

She also added that she hasn't been able to reach out to the Sultan, despite trying to contact him through their mutual friends and acquaintances.

At the end of the video, Rihana begged the Sultan to consider the child's future well-being.

She said, "Think about your son. What will he think of you?"

The 27-year-old mother talked lovingly of her son Leon and shared that he is growing up and developing fast.

"He's at a very interesting age now where he's started to turn over by himself, to smile, to laugh. I wish his father could see him now," she said.

When the interviewer asked if she would like to send a message to the Sultan, she said, "Wake up! You have a son. You are a father and a royal. No matter what happened to our marriage, I want my son to have both parents."

Watch the full interview here:

Their divorce was reportedly filed earlier in June, one year after their wedding:

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