This Sunway Theme Park Staff Has Become An Internet Celebrity For Her Honesty

Honesty breeds excellence.

Cover image via Sunway Theme Parks Career & Community

In this day and age, when it's easier to simply cheat and lie than show integrity in not just speech but actions, honesty is a rare trait to have. And humans possessing this trait must be celebrated.

Aunty Paruvathy of Sunway Lagoon is one such human being.

According to a report in FMT, Aunty Paruvathy, aged 58, is part of the housekeeping staff at the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. She has worked there for 20 years.

Her exemplary act of integrity has made her an Internet star

On Wednesday afternoon, while carrying out her routine duties at the theme park’s tiger’s cage, she stumbled across an unattended bag. She picked it up and without a second thought, surrendered it to security personnel.

It turns out the bag was accidentally left behind by a Saudi family, who later returned to collect it. Inside the bag were three passports, and close to RM10,000 – both in ringgit and Saudi Riyal denominations.

A Facebook page that shares news about Sunway Theme Parks staff, posted about Paruvathy's honesty, sharing her photo along.
At the time of writing this, the post has received more than 5.6K Likes and over 4K Shares, with Malaysians showering praise.

And she rightfully deserves all the praise she is getting

If she wanted, Paruvathy could have checked the contents of the bag and pocketed the money instead of surrendering it as she did.

The money in there was probably worth close to, if not more than her annual salary.

Paruvathy is a shining example that one does not need to be highly educated or to hold high positions in office that pays five- or six-figure salaries, to have integrity and honesty. She saw something that did not belong to her, and she surrendered it as only one with integrity and honesty would.

We only hope Aunty Paruvathy's employers give her more than just mere social media recognition for her remarkable sense of integrity

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