Young Boy In China Traumatised By Granny Who Tried To Kiss Him Inside A Lift

We're sure the boy would rather take the stairs from now onwards...

Cover image via shanghaiist

This disturbing video of an elderly lady forcing kisses onto a young boy in a lift has gone viral on the Internet

According to Chinese news portal, Sina News, the senior citizen became infatuated with the boy after entering the elevator together in an apartment

Surveillance footage showing a very creepy encounter between an elderly lady and a teenage boy in an elevator has gone viral on the Chinese internet. According to Sina News, after the two entered the lift of a residential building, the senior citizen seemed to have fallen in love at first sight with the innocent boy.

Unable to contain her excitement anymore, she moves in closer to the boy... and gives him a quick smooch

Image via Youku

Encouraged that she successfully kissed the boy, she goes in for another one! She's pretty aggressive, to say the least...

Image via Youku

Knowing that this elderly lady is up to no good, the boy rejected and pushed her away

Image via Youku

Poor boy, he won't be taking an elevator anytime soon...

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Awhile back, a YouTube video showed a man, said to be a toy-car operator, forcibly kissing a little boy went viral:

Also, guys could donate their sperm to stand a chance to purchase an iPhone 6S. Where? China, of course!

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