"I Let Go Of My Envy" — Supportive Wife Sets Up Husband's Second Marriage

"I have gracefully accepted my husband's decision and his second wife because I believe we all have strengths and weaknesses," said the woman.

Cover image via @syazwani_mirabilia (TikTok)

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While many women balk at the idea of polygamy, a woman from Kulim, Kedah has defied the norm by not only approving her husband's second marriage but also helping to arrange their union

Syazwani Ali received widespread praise and admiration after she shared a TikTok video of her setting up the wedding dais for her husband's second wedding, which took place in August 2023.

In a separate post featuring the wedding pictures of her husband Amerul Azizon's second marriage with Nurul Nadzirah Syamsudin, Syazwani revealed that initially, she was hesitant to accept polygamy but eventually embraced it due to their inability to have children.

Syazwani explained that she and her husband had been married for 12 years, but they faced challenges in conceiving despite undergoing various treatments

"My husband's decision to remarry wasn't solely driven by the desire to have children. Nevertheless, I have seen him getting emotional when he encounters little kids," read the caption of her post.

"I don't know how others would perceive my acceptance of my husband's second marriage, but within, I was deeply sad as I recognised my limitations in granting him an offspring," she added.

The 34-year-old also revealed that she and Amerul are not against the idea of adopting a child, but they wish to have a child of their own.

Thus, she perceives her husband's second marriage as God's decree, presenting an opportunity for her to have a child through Amerul's second union.

From left to right: Syazwani Ali, Amerul Azizon, and Nurul Nadzirah Syamsudin.

Image via @syazwani_mirabilia (TikTok)

Syazwani also revealed that just three days after her husband's second wedding last year, she contemplated separating from him

However, she shared that her husband was not willing to let her go. He consistently cared for her feelings and treated her well.

"I have let go of pain and jealousy. I have gracefully accepted my husband's decision and his second wife, who is now considered a family member, because I believe we all have strengths and weaknesses," Harian Metro quoted her as saying.

In her caption, Syazwani also shared that she began to grow fond of Nurul Nadzirah, whom she now considers as a sister.

"When I was unwell, Nurul would visit me and bring food. It was this consideration that led me to develop affection for her, and eventually accept her as my own sister," she said.

Syazwani also shared that she eagerly took charge of finding dresses, doing makeup, and arranging the pelamin for the wedding because her primary focus was to ensure the happiness of the new couple.

Following the virality of her video, Syazwani clarified that her intention was not to seek attention

Instead, she said that she shared the video with the hope that other women facing similar situations could find inspiration to accept such circumstances gracefully.

"I appreciate all the positive prayers from friends and netizens. At the same time, negative comments don't offend me; I embrace them with an open heart," said Syazwani.

Watch the video of Syazwani setting up the wedding dais here:


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