Survey Shows That Malaysians Have The Highest Level Of Job Satisfaction In The Region

Most believe they are happy with their jobs.

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A recent survey has found that Malaysians have the highest level of job satisfaction compared to our regional counterparts

The survey, known as the Qualtrics Asia Pacific Employee Pulse Study, studied over 5,000 fulltime employees from around the world. It focused mainly on factors driving employee attitudes, behaviours, and well-being.

The survey found that 67% of Malaysians believed they were happy with their jobs, putting them ahead of countries like Singapore (64%) and Hong Kong (50%).

The survey also found that employees in travel and leisure, retail, and utilities, were the most motivated to go to work

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Employees in travel and leisure (60%), retail (64%) and utilities (100%) reported that they looked forward to going to work “most of the time” or "nearly always".

It also found that most Malaysians don't consider long working hours to be a reason to leave their current jobs

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In fact, the survey showed that employees who clocked in the most hours at work were least likely to leave their jobs, despite the significant amount of stress.

“Contrary to popular beliefs, long working hours do not necessarily contribute to high employee turnover rates in Malaysia,” the survey said.

Employees working in media and advertising reported that, despite working over 45 hours a week (50%), only 25% of them said it would cause them to leave their jobs. Meanwhile, despite the finance sector's long working hours (37%), only 11% of employees considered it time to call it quits.

“It is not uncommon to assume that longer working hours and high stress levels would naturally lead to a disgruntled and dissatisfied workforce, however, it has been pleasantly surprising to have this fact refuted,” said Foo Mao Gen, Head of Southeast Asia at Qualtrics.

Even if you are happy with your current job, make sure you're aware of the rights you have as an employee:

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