Here's Why You Won't Be Able To Eat Sushi King At KLCC From 2020 Onwards

The sushi chain has 137 restaurants throughout the country since it opened in 1995.

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Conveyor belt sushi veteran Sushi King will be closing down unprofitable outlets in Malaysia in 2020

Sushi King founder and Texchem Resources Berhad executive chairman Tan Sri Fumihiko Konishi told The Star that they are planning to close the outlets mainly located in shopping malls that impose high rentals.

"We plan to shut the one in KLCC because of the high rentals. The outlets in the rural areas are making profits because of the low rentals," he said.

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Konishi said the company plans to reduce their budget for the sushi chain next year

Sushi King, which started in 1995 here, currently has 137 restaurants throughout the country, according to New Straits Times.

The chain also currently employs over 6,000 workers.

"We want to spend less money, stay cautious, and reduce headcount through a rationalisation plan," Konishi said.

The Star also reported that Konishi blamed economic uncertainties for reduced consumer spending at Sushi King outlets.

"The people prefer to eat at hawker centres where there are no sales and service tax," he said.

Netizens have since responded to the news with mixed reactions

Many netizens commented that the sushi chain did not maintain their quality to compete with the many other Japanese restaurants that have popped up in Malaysia.

A Facebook user said, "Improve on your food quality and staff service. I love sushi but I have stopped going to Sushi King a long time ago."

"Sorry, Sushi King. You are losing out this time," this user apologised, "You used to be my favourite but over the years your menu and food portions have shrunk while tasting so-so, but price has been increasing year by year. The staff are friendly, I have no issues with the staff.

"If Sushi King can maintain its quality like before, I might reconsider being a customer."

Meanwhile, this netizen reminisced his first time eating a Japanese meal in Sushi King, "Great memories. My girlfriend brought me there to eat salmon for the first time in my life."

In the last year, several companies in Malaysia had to close some of its popular outlets:

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