[VIDEO] Taiping Man Goes Berserk After His Dad Was Injured & Pet Dog Killed In An Accident

The man, in a black singlet and jeans, is seen holding a stick and repeatedly hitting a car's rear windshield and boot.

Cover image via Inforoadblock (Facebook)

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A video showing a man, in a black singlet and jeans, with a stick and charging at a woman and two men in a residential area has gone viral

The video was uploaded along with photos on a Facebook page called Inforoadblock over the week.

The one minute and 40-second long video shows the man first charging at the woman and the men, and then using the stick to repeatedly hit a parked car's boot and damage the rear windshield.

As the woman tries to get him to stop, the man threatens to hit her with the stick, the video shows.

The man then moves back and starts hitting the driver's side of the car with the stick.

It turns out that the man resorted to this because his father was knocked down and his pet dog was killed in an accident involving the car

According to a report in The Star, the man's father was walking his dog in a residential area when he was allegedly hit by a car. He sustained minor injuries and received outpatient treatment.

The dog, however, died at the scene of the accident.

In another video — which pans to show an elderly man sitting on the street and a dog lying motionless — the man is seen becoming more agitated and using profanities when the woman is heard saying, "Only the dog died, and there is no need to create a scene, the matter can be discussed".

Social media users claim that the dog owner liked to roam around the residential area on his motorcycle while carrying the animal, and at times the dog had the habit of jumping out and running everywhere

"When vehicles come down from the Crystal Creek condominium, there is a dangerous bend and many motorists have to press on their emergency brake because the dog is there. There is no use blaming others if the dog has been run over, the owner is the one that put his dog in danger. I myself nearly hit the dog," a Facebook user said.

"Whatever the issue can be discussed, there is no need to fight. Do not take matters into your own hands... that will be regretted later," another commented under the video, as reported by The Star.

Police have since arrested the man along with another person

Taiping district police chief ACP Osman Mamat said that they came across the video uploaded on social media on Thursday, 27 January, noting that the incident took place in front of Crystal Creek residence.

"Two men aged 29 and 44 were arrested on the same day at about 12.55pm. One is the dog owner's son while the other is a male friend of the car driver," he was quoted as saying.

Osman said the case is being investigated under Sections 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) and 427 (committing mischief resulting in loss or damage) of the Penal Code.

Footage of the incident can be found below:

Meanwhile, a woman was seen scolding another driver for not using indicator lights even though the latter was driving straight on the road:

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