Taiwanese TV Shows Ban Kissing Scenes To Prevent The Spread Of Wuhan Virus

The coronavirus outbreak has led to the interruption in filming of TV dramas.

Cover image via The Straits Times

Viewers might have to say goodbye to passionate scenes in Taiwanese serial dramas because of the coronavirus outbreak

According to The Straits Times, long-running TV serial, Golden City, recently had a scene where actress Mia Chiu kisses actor Jun Fu.

Their characters were supposed to have a longer kissing scene but it was cut short due as precaution. 

Actress Chiu agreed to the change. She admitted that "less intimate" interactions would be more appropriate.

Actress Mia Chiu and actor Jun Fu in a scene in Taiwanese TV serial 'Golden City.'

Image via The Straits Times

Meanwhile, Singapore's Mediacorp said that it will take precautions according to its Ministry of Health guidelines and will film their shows as usual

According to The Straits Times, it also said that it would avoid shooting kissing scenes if the actors are unwell, even under normal circumstances.

Intimate scenes and filming in crowded places will strictly be avoided by the Eastern Broadcasting Company

Kingone Wang, who played Monkey King Sun Wukong in drama 'Till We Meet Again.'

Image via Till We Meet Again/Mediacorp

The Taiwanese company will be taking extra precautions during intimate scenes in a TV serial starring actor Kingone Wang, who played Monkey King Sun Wukong in the drama Till We Meet Again (2018).

Eastern Broadcasting Company has also prepared face masks for crew members during filming.

No more K-I-S-S-I-N-G scenes any time soon!

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In light of the Wuhan virus, Tokyo Disneyland banned mascot hugs:

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