Hordes Of Local Taxi Drivers Ganged Up On Uber Driver And Trashed His Car

They also injured an Iranian female tourist who was using the Uber with her partner.

Cover image via China Press

After taxi drivers had filmed themselves harassing GrabCar and Uber drivers at KLCC in October last year, a group of more than 50 taxi drivers, who were hiding in KL Sentral, ganged up on another Uber driver and trashed his car with rocks on Monday, 20 June

FMT, in this report citing China Press, said the deplorable act by the local taxi drivers also left an Iranian female tourist, who was traveling with her partner, injured.

The taxi drivers pounced on the couple, reported FMT, as soon as they entered the Uber car, and pulled them out of the car along with the Uber driver. After which the taxi drivers used rocks to break the car's window, trashing it.

It is reported that the injured female tourist was taken to the KL Hospital for treatment.

Image via FMT/China Press

Categorised as a crime, the case has been handed over to the CID for investigation, said KL traffic police chief ACP Nazri Hussain

However, he explained, if the case was an accident, it would have been handed over to the traffic and enforcement department for investigation.

"As long as the victim can prove the suspects intentionally did what they did, the police will investigate and will not let go of the related parties," he said.

The KL traffic police chief ACP also warned taxi drivers against resorting to violence in their arguments with Uber and Grab drivers, failing which they would be penalised. However, if past cases of anti-Uber movement among the country's taxi drivers are any indications, it doesn't appear the warning will serve as a deterrent.

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