Teen Thought Lookalike On Twitter Was A Troll But It Turned Out To Be Her Long-Lost Twin

Straight out of a soap opera!

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The internet works in mysterious ways and we've heard of so many stories of people reuniting with their long-lost friends and family members.

Thanks to social media, a teenager from Indonesia recently learnt that she has a twin.

16-year-old Nabila Az-Zahra from Makassar, Indonesia explained the whole ordeal in an extensive Twitter thread.

The post has since garnered 10,800 retweets and 27,000 likes.

On 6 January, Nabila was casually scrolling through Twitter when she suddenly received a bunch of weird comments and direct messages from strangers

Random netizens began alerting her about a Twitter thread that has gone viral. They claim that it was written by another girl named Nadya who looked exactly like her.

She initially thought that the person was either a catfish or an online troll, so she just shrug it off.

Little did she know, she was about to discover something that would change her life.

The next day, she saw that the lookalike, Nadya, had messaged her.

This girl she had never met before suddenly asked, "Don't you think we look alike?"

She said, "I suggested to her that it would be best for us to have a video call, so as to not waste time." 

Her first instinct was to be wary when interacting with strangers, especially since social media is filled with fabricated identities and curated appearances.

To her disbelief, the person she saw on the video call looked just like her.

The two asked each other personal questions during the video call and they were surprised to find out that 90 percent of their answers were similar

Nabila wrote, "We asked each other personal questions during the video call such as our weight, height, favorite colour, and favorite drink."

"Nadya asked me, 'What if we're actually twins?' I told her I would be really happy. It would be like a dream come true. I considered the possibility and decided to ask my mum about it."

Nabila's parents then explained that they had adopted her when she was a child.

She was also told that her biological mother had actually given birth to a set of triplets and not twins.

According to her adoptive mother, her birth parents were in dire financial circumstances when the triplets were born and could not afford to raise them. Therefore, they put the three girls up for adoption.

She wrote, "My mother told me that I only weighed 1.4kg as a newborn. I was dying."

Nabila's adoptive parents feared that she would leave them in search for her biological family after learning the truth. However, Nabila expressed that she's relieved and thankful for how her life turned out.

She wrote, "I was both sad and happy at the same time upon learning about the truth. Happy because I got to meet my twin, sad because I didn't expect such a story. I'm grateful that I still have my family who have sincerely raised me to this day."

She also mentioned that now they are now looking for the other triplet.

Netizens are moved by how these siblings found each other, against all odds

One person said, "This is awesome, Nadya! I'm crying. I'm so happy for both of you! May you find your other twin."

Another user exclaimed, "Oh my god! I followed this story from the beginning. Thank god and all the best, Nadya and Nabila. May you quickly find your other sibling and your birth mother! This is amazing!"

"This is straight out of a soap opera. May you find the third twin soon. And don't be sad over what happened, everything was for the best," said another netizen.

Thanks to the internet, many people have been able to reunite with long-lost loved ones:

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